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“That English shetbag.”
~ Mental Gear’s ‘friends’ on Mental Gear
“Ha! I have broadband! He doesn’t!”
~ Another friend on Mental Gear
“No relation.”
~ Mental Gear’s mother on Mental Gear
“A very good letter – NOW STOP WRITING IN TO US.”
~ Official Playstation 2 Magazine U.K. on Mental Gear
“[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]”
~ An example of Mental Gear expressing opinion on Gamespot
“Die You Bastard!”
~ Lemmy on Mental Gear
“In Soviet Russia, YOU bore the shit out of Mental!”
~ Soviet Russian Reversal on Mental Gear
“I lol @ ur _n00b_ishness”
~ 1 of teh 1337 haXX0rz on Mental Gear
“He will never have…sexual relations with ANY woman.”
~ Bill Clinton on Mental Gear
~ Father Jack Hackett on Mental Gear
“An even bigger fag than me.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Mental Gear
“You’re fired.”
~ Alan Sugar on Mental Gear
“Song Failed!”
~ Guitar Hero on Mental Gear
“Life Failed!”
~ God on Mental Gear
“Aren’t you overdoing the quotes a bit?”
~ Mental Gear’s conscience on Mental Gear


Wow, you’ve made it down past the 25th line. I’m impressed. No, come back. Please.

My first contribution was the additions to the Tom Morello page, specifically the Musical Style & Influences and Guitar Hero Appearance sections. I’m thinking of a few ideas, but I’m quite slow to develop them, as I also write fan fiction and make YouTube videos. Another problem is my internet is very slow so it will take me a while to hunt down some fitting images. As you may have guessed, I like to have fun with links like this. It’s an immature joke I know, but the day we reach maturity is the day we stop liking Uncyclopedia.

Since joining up I’ve been living the Uncyclopedia lifestyle – worshipping Oscar Wilde, making use of the ‘Under Construction’ sign, and I tried huffing a kitten once, but it wasn’t for me. The fur gets everywhere. So I’ll just stick to masturbation and let the grues kill them. Be warned though. Exploiting the buggers makes them turn against you, and one night they will come and rape you. This actually doesn’t seem such a bad idea as it will be my only shot at losing my virginity.

In the meantime I will hunt for some pictures to use and read some other user pages to see how I can flesh this out in order to better it from its current state.

DogNewspaper This user subscribes to the UnSignpost: Reading This Is The Mysterious Second Step To Getting Profit From Stealing Childrens' Underwear!

^er...that signs me up to the newspaper...right?^

--Mental 18:09, 13 June 2008 (UTC)

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