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{{Q|This is Uncyclopedia, the wiki that anyone can edit, not Uncyclopedia, the wiki that you gotta be privileged to edit.||the most blatantly obvious rule of Uncyclopedia}} {{Q|Nobody (except Olipro, that bastard) is trying to shit on anyone else. There are no attempts to murder anyone else's family or friends. Olipro does want to murder your babies. Watch out for him.|Teh Pwnerator}} '''Welcome to my userpage. Feel free to look around. If you dare to vandalize, huff, remove, dispatch, scratch, or eighty-six any of my stuff on here, the Grue Army will be at your door with rifles and machine guns. Case in point: You will get owned. Probably not by us directly, but by the admin <s>overlords</s> users.''' {{Adopting}} {{User:Starnestommy/Template:News}} ==Generic Stuff== {{PS2}} {{Gamer difficulty3}} {{northpaw}} {{User Official}} {{User teen}} {{Addicted to video games}} {{User racer}} {{User Drift}} {{User lame password}} {{WindowsUser}} {{AmericanUser}} {{Wheel_Of_Fortune}} {{User aaaa}} {{User SPARTA}} {{user merc}} {{Grue_Army}} {{Bullet|N}} {{Unato}} {{Lang|en|N}} {{article count|7}} {{User IQ|125}} {{User wants featured| (Uncensored)}} {{User_denounce_BENSON}} {{User Anti-Huff}} {{Notan00b}} {{User elite}} {{Non-Wikipedian}} {{User_adventurer}} {{WindowsUser}} {{User Republican}} {{Grueslayer editor}} {{Never too many TAs}} {{User No Napoleon}} {{Thinkerer}} {{User Uncyclopedia reference}} {{User_duh}} {{user Pillage}} {{User SCAG}} {{User:Insineratehymn/sarcasm}} {{zqsec11992054}} {{Winner of the Game}} <center> <div class="boilerplate metadata"> {| cellspacing="4" style="width:50%; background-color: #010; border: 1px solid #000035; margin: 0 0.5%; text-align:center;" |rowspan="2"| [[Image:Numbersix2.png|111px]] |colspan="2"|<font color=white><big></big></font> |- ||<font color=white>This user just so happens to have a Six model Cylon. Jealous?<font> |} The User has created these pages: [[User:Meganew/Anti-Swastika Pseudo-Terrorist Group]]/[[ (Uncensored)]]/[[The Real Neoliberalism]]/[[User:Meganew/Aircraft Used By Uncyclopedia]]/[[HowTo:Create Fake Airplane Stats]]/[[User:Meganew/iCarly (Porn)]]/[[Powershot]]/[[Preggos]]/[[User:Meganew/UnScripts:A Girl and Her Newt]]/Major contributor to [[User:Hyperbole/ICarly]] ==Awards and Ranks== {{Rank 1stLT}}This user is a first lieutenant in the U.S. Marines. Attention!! {{User:Andorin Kato/TwinSuns}} {{MOOU}} {{:Awards/MetaAward|bordercolor=#000000|bgcolor=#ccd8cb|textcolor=#000000|titlecolor=#000000|image=[[Image:Award.png|50px]]|width=358px|title=CloroxQuest award|text=This user has successfully found [[User:Clorox|Clorox]]'s hidden links.|}} [[Category:CloroxQuest Winners]] {{:Awards/MetaAward|bordercolor=#000003|bgcolor=#FF007F|textcolor=#000000|titlecolor=#000000|image=[[Image:Award.png|50px]]|width=358px|title=TEH SPAM AWWARDD LOLOLOLOLLLL@!!!!11|text=AWESOME AWESOME TEH DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU SPAMM!!!!.|}} {{:Awards/Least}} {{:Awards/Grue}} {{Ninjastar|Ninjastar.png|Original Ninjastar|I award myself a Ninjastar because 1: It's cool. and 2: I have done stuff to help Uncyclopedia.|<s>Muganez</s> Meganew}} {{Ninjastar|||I award myself this Ninjastar because I produced many suckish articles back as an IP.|<s>Muganez</s> Meganew}} {{Ninjastar|Pocketful.jpg‎|Pocketful of Ninjastars|I award myself this Ninjastar because I rapidly edited [[iCarly]] before it got deleted, and consistantly edited the article when I revived it.|<s>Muganez</s> Meganew}} {{Ninjastar|GoldNinjaStar.png|Gold Ninjastar|I award myself this Ninjastar because I haven't screwed up since I got an account.|<s>Muganez</s> Meganew}} {{Ninjastar|Ninjastar_dark.png|Horrorstar|I award myself this Ninjastar because I added the Eurgrebu to the list of Ubergrue variants.|<s>Muganez</s> Meganew}} {{Ninjastar|History_star.png|History Ninjastar|I award myself this Ninjastar because I added the end of the CSS [[Univac]] to the article. (Every ship has to have an end.)|<s>Muganez</s> Meganew}} {{Ninjastar|Grue_Ninjastar.png|Grue Ninjastar|I award myself this Ninjastar because I edited Grueslayer, along with Trar and BlueYonder when it appeared to be dead.|<s>Muganez</s> Meganew}} {{User:High Gen. Grue/Honor|helping keep TYATU from death}} {{N00b_r0xx0r_veteran}} {{User_assault_soldier}} {{I beat Zork}} {{I beat Zork 2}} {{I beat The Abyss twice}} {{I beat The Abyss}} {{User:Administrator/MemberOfArmy}} ==Invasions Made by Meganew== ==The Attack on <div style="float: center;text-align:center;padding:5px;background-color:#F5F5F5;border: 1px solid #DDD"> {{CtF|img=png|size=20 |gf|gs| |wt| | |wt| | | | | | | | |bj|bl|bw|= |gs| | |bg| | | | | | | | | |sb| |bj|bl|bw|= | | | | |sb| | | | |wt| | | | | |bj|bl|bw|= | | | | | |bg| | |sb| | | | |wr| |bj|bl|bw|= | | | | | | | | | | |wr| | | | |bj|bl|bw|= | | | |wt| | | |bg| | | | | | | |bj|bl|bw|= | |bg| | | | | | | | |wt| | | | |bj|bl|bw|= | | |sb| | | |sb| | | | | |sb| | |bj|bl|bw|= |gs| | | | | | | |sb| | | | | | |bj|bl|bw|= |gf|gs| |bg| | | | | | | | | |wt| |bj|bl|bw|= }}Game #X /Blue:<Meganew and Grue Army>/ Green:<></div> ==Mah Bank Account!!== Uh... I need money? [[Category:Preggosexuals]]

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