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The only known image of the real Powershot

Powershot was a non-existent being who dared to challenge Benson for control of Uncyclopedia. He was later smited, but kept returning in numerous forms. Luckily, the attacks were stopped, and Powershot faded into obscurity.

edit Part 1: The Story Begins

Azazer: What do you think about Powershot and the Shark Bite Corperation?

Insineratehymn: Considering I don't know you, I'll be honest and say that it sucks major ass.

Azazer: Read it ass hole. You will change forever. Powershot Shark Bite.

Modusoperandi: I too, don't know you, and Powershot & Shark Bite, aren't the best ever. You are, however, partly right; they were written. Also, don't go calling people ass hole, it makes you look like an asshole. Also, also, asshole, in common usage, is generally one word.

Savethemooses: Stop being such an article whore.

Powershot dude



Insineratehymn: Art thou a sockpuppet?

Spurandthedeb: Art thou a damn moron?

Insineratehymn: Actually, you're a moron for calling me a moron.

Spurandthedeb: ???? that doesn't make any sense you fucking moron.

Insineratehymn: It's called logic. And I really suggest you stop calling me a moron. You're making yourself look like an ass.

Spang: Break it up, you two.

edit Part 2: Will Powershot Become the Next Uncyclopedia In-Joke?

Insineratehymn: Unlikely.

Tompkins: No. He's just an ass.

Cainad: No. The "raging egoist" joke has already been done. It's called Benson.

Modusoperandi: No, we've got too much good stuff here to let it get buried by more crap. We've also got egos here already, myself included; one more is too many.

Codeine: No. Can I huff it now?

Zombiebaron: No, at least until one of my articles is featured. Yes that's right, I just invented my own way of saying "never".

edit Part 3: The Death Threats

Powershot Vandal: For starters, Insineratehymn, your a fucking retard. I looked at some of the shit you have created and Powershot destroys it. The people who actually have somewhat of a grasp on modern social science and a life off Uncyclopedia love the articles, and the opinions of those people are the only ones which really have any weight. You morons who are addicted to this shit can't comprehend good humor so you must shut your mouths and praise Powershot. The real people who populate the majority of this site will adopt Powershot and its trademarks as the next insider. Oscar Wilde will be extinct, as well as that Soviet Russia bullshit.

Insineratehymn: Why look! It's an open proxy designed solely for the use of ad hominem! Hello, open proxy! Are you enjoying doofusland?

Powershot Vandal: As for Cainad, Codeine, Moodusoperandi, Orion57, OsirisX, Savethemooses, and Insineratehymn: This group of retards make up for 100% of the useless pieces of shit on planet earth.

Insineratehymn: Actually, I make up only .00000000000029518% of the useless pieces of shit on planet earth. There are pieces of shit far worse than I.

Codeine: If you can be an asshole about your stupid fucking article, so can I. Voila. (Deletes article)

Powershot Vandal: Thanks for making a whole section for us, you fucking morons. Our legacy has been permanently sealed. Powershot and Shark Bite will forever live on. Codeine, I would personally like to thank you, and then fucking kill you. I am proud to be named the most hated man on Uncyclopedia, and I will be happy to accept the position as ADMIN. Fuck all of you.

Tompkins: BANNED!!!

Powershot Vandal: I do believe BENSON is the biggest faggot piece of shit in the entire damn universe. He is just like a little baby compared to the power of the Shark Bite corporation. In reality, BENSON is a little faggot boy with acne who sits behind his parents computer. Powershot shits all over BENSON and his fag followers. On this day of November 17, 2006, I officially declare war on BENSON and his affiliates. I will strike them down with extreme prejudice and eliminate all of you. And OsirisX, you can expect a nice surprise sometime in the next week. LONG LIVE POWERSHOT, IT WILL REIGN OVER ALL OF YOU WITHIN A MATTER OF DAYS. ESPECIALLY OSIRISX, SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR FAMILY, YOUR TIME IS ALMOST UP.

Tompkins: BANNED!!!

Powershot Vandal: Insineratehymn, I would personally like to extend a duel, in which I would be equipped with a machine gun, and you would would have a small dove resting on your shoulder. Insineratehymn is a bitch, Codeine is a bitch, Savethemooses is a bitch, OsirisX is a bitch, nah wait, OsirisX is a dead man, ha ha, goddamn.

edit Part 4: Examples of Uncyclopedian and Powershot Action

edit Part 5: The Final Message

Insineratehymn: I can clearly see that you are dragging this "war" of yours farther out than what it should be. You keep strutting about and declaring how Powershot and Shark Bite will own us and how we must obey Powershot and Shark Bite. I can see that you cannot see past the dense, putrid fog that is your bloated ego. You have lost long ago. You lost when your articles on Powershot, Shark Bite, and related articles thereof, were deleted and protected from editing and recreation. It has already become apparent that you cannot accept that as such and continue to state in a childish tone over how much better your articles are to the rest of Uncyclopedia.

First, let me go over a few things you have done in your crusade. The first big mistake you committed was whoring your articles. If you created your articles and left them be, they might have done well. However, considering you started to parade on the forum stating how your articles were the greatest things ever created, this only agitated the community, and we responded negatively to your antics. Next, you started to implement sockpuppets and proxies, to make it appear that Powershot was supported by a large number of people when, in reality, only one person likes it, that person being you. You then proceeded to use insults and perform ad hominem. I'm sorry, but petty insults get you nowhere in an argument. When you resort to using ad hominem, you've already lost the argument. Finally, in your desperate struggle, you resorted to death threats. When you resorted to handing out threats, you've lost all respect of those who might have given it to you, and you have forever lost the war you've started.

While we're on the topics of threats, I have detected symbolism in your duel challenge to me, where "you will be equipped with a machine gun and I have a dove on my shoulder". First, let me say that this is by far the most childish threat I have ever seen. You threaten to do these sort of things to people, but you never act upon them, showing that your threats are vacuous and hollow. Now, about the symbolism. The machine gun you are toting represent your massive ignorance, and the dove on my shoulder represents intelligence and enlightenment. My intelligence makes me impervious to your barrage of ignorance that you keep firing. However, instead of coming to compromise like a normal human being, you continue firing until you will eventually run out of bullets. You will run out of bullets sometime, and I will still be standing when you do.

I know you will come back with some sort of bullshit responding to this, but this is my final message. I am wasting my time attempting to compromise with you. I am tired of your antics, and so is everyone else here on Uncyclopedia. You merely waste space here on Uncyclopedia, and we shall not deal with you any further. Goodbye.

edit Part 6: The Battle to the Death

To review what happened, look at Forum:BENSON VS. POWERSHOT SUPREME FIGHT TO THE DEATH ARTICLE PROPOSAL!!!!!!!!. The war ended here. Or did it?

edit Part 7: The Return of the Powershot Dude

Powershot Dude: The creator of this forum has no affiliation with either Azazer, Shark Bite, or Powershot. Therefore it is a useless piece of shit.

Insineratehymn: Ah yes, so I see you have returned. Have you changed the errors of your ways or are you still an arrogant ass?

Powershot Dude: If you are inquiring that I do not believe POWERSHOT is the best, your fucking wrong. The only reason Benson won the fucked elections was because you and your asshole followers deleted all of our votes. We always win, Insineratehymn. Always.

Insineratehymn: Uhh, no you don't. You automatically lost when you started to implement personal attacks and death threats.

Powershot Dude: You don't understand the meaning of this game. Threats beat your pathetic grammatical attacks just as rock beats scissors, or Powershot beats Benson. The people chose us, so we win. Nobody wants to obey a little piece of shit who is so useless. All Benson has done is bitched and complained and tried to brainwash others. You are a victim. We can help. We are the cure. We are the right.

Insineratehymn: No, threats mean you have run out of intelligence and logical arguments, therefore, you have lost. If you continue to drag this out further, you will still lose. And the people did not choose you, you chose you. But go ahead, live in your own little world. If this still did not get through, I suggest you read the final message.

Powershot Dude: My world is reality, and my vote is the vote of all people. You know how I know you have lost, because you delete every thing I post that you cannot defend. You know it, I know it. You're done. And that is good enough for me. We could have shot down your stupid fucking message, but you again abused your power by not allowing us to edit. Your done buddy. In life, on Uncycylopedia, everywhere. You're done.

Insineratehymn: No, your world is fantasy, and your vote is your vote. I know how you have lost, because you continued to implement personal attacks and death threats when you ran out of intelligent and logical arguments. You know it. And no, I did not abuse power by not allowing you to edit, an admin did. It is you who is done.


Insineratehymn: Once again, you are implementing ad hominem, meaning you have run out of intelligence and logical arguments, therefore, only proving my point.

Powershot Dude: Hey, shit for brains. Everyone hates you. You fucking moron, You're not smart. Oh, proving my point again. You're a retard. We have made countless points and counter-points to your arguments. Go back into the archives. We are smarter than you. Stop reusing the only point you have. Fucker.

Insineratehymn: You are now using argumentum ad populum. You are claiming that everyone hates me when it is not true. Then you turned right around and committed ad hominem again by calling me a retard. And no, you did not provide points and counterpoints to our arguments. All you did was commit personal attacks and death threats. Also, if you actually took the time to read the message I have given, you will see that I have provided numerous points, but you did not even glance at it and concluded that it was only one point. You still do not realize the truth: it is that we are, and forever shall be, smarter than you.

Tompkins: BANNED!!! (Bans Powershot Dude)

edit Part 8: Aftermath

Hello again assholes, Powershot here. You mother fuckers can expect a page blanking on the 12th of every month for the next several centuries. Blocking is futile, proxies are limitless. Enjoy the ride, shitheads. - Powershot. I got anxious.

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