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The Anti-Swastika Pseudo-Terrorist Group is a group dedicated to defeating the evil Nazis that are infiltraing the Admins and users of Uncyclopedia.

edit Formation

The ASPTG was formed by Meganew when he noticed quite a few Nazis on Uncyclopedia. This led to the creation of a group that even n00bs and spammers would feel welcome in. This group was designed to destroy Nazi users by editing, deleting, screwing up, spamming on, and all around destroying the Nazi users.

edit Weapons

Fighters: Light flyable planes that can destroy most Nazi forces and users with minimal force.

Bombers: Slow, undefended planes with large amounts of spam bombs.

Turrets: These fire a delete beam to delete Nazi posts.

Spammers: These come with a light spam rifle to attempt to ruin Nazis.

N00bs: Heavier then Spammers, comes with a Screw-Up-Nazis Bazooka.

Commander: Meganew, the Commander, comes with two Chainguns. only 100 so buy one fast!

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