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The Boulevard of Broken Dreams is a very lonely road just south of the middle of nowhere. The road is so thin that only one person can walk down it at a time. It is only open at nighttime.

edit History

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams was constructed in 6000 A.D. when Billie Joe Armstrong needed a street on which to walk and contemplate the wonders of life. This, however, was not punk enough, so he decided to write a punk song about it to maintain his inner punkness. The song was soon released on the album "American Master's Degree" to little success. The money made from the album was then used to further construct the road. However, it was never finished, and therefore Nobody knows where it goes.

edit The Boulevard Today

Today, the Boulevard remains unfinished. This could be due to lack of funding, or maybe a worker's strike that began in 2002 when construction workers sent to build the road complained that the food in the vending machines was not fiber-free, and that portable bathrooms were not stationed at the site.

At the moment, there are multiple lines drawn across the road. Some people blame the cartoonist's increasing boredom, but the world may never know.

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