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“microwave puzzlingly lolling etchings deliberates a diesel engine in The Moon”

edit The History Of Randomese

Randomese is a ancient language, with it's roots digging back to six thousand years ago. It first appeared when an ancient tribe of Macintoshians developed the first writing slates. Not wanting their technology to be recreated by other companies, the Macintoshians developed Randomese for use in their instruction manuels. In case they forgot the code to deciphering Randomese, they inscribed the code to Randomese on a rock that was thereafter known as the Resetta stone.

For awhile, the Macintoshians prospered and lived in peace. But unfortunatly for the Macintoshians, their sucess brought the attention of a rival tribe of Windowshians who, without the same protection in their instruction manuels, were losing money quickly. Under the cover of darkness, the Windowshians attacked! The Macintoshians put up a brave defense, but the faster and better looking Windowshians quickly ahnialated the Macintoshians. Amoung the treasures taken, the Windowshians took the Resetta stone.

Back at their camp, the Windowshians held a massive party in honor of their victory. They ate their finest food, smoked their finest weed, and drank barrels of vodka each. The party lasted 3 days. On the night of the 3rd day, a group of very drunk and very high Windowshians decided to skip rocks in the lake. One of the Windowshians accidently threw the Resetta stone into the lake. After they realised what had happened, they searched the lake for weeks, but they never found it. They then tied rocks to the guy who threw the Resetta stone in and then threw him in. Ironicly, the guy landed right next to the Resetta stone.

Six thousand years later, an archeologist who was researchind the Windowshians dug up a skeleton. He also discovered a rock inscribed with numbers and letters next to it. He took the rock back to his house and examined it. After examining it for two years, he cracked the code and brought Randomese back.

edit Randomese



edit Randomese in the common world

Randomese is often used in the common world. The Peanuts use it often. In fact, Peanuts uses it in every movie. Everyone in Peanuts speaks fluent Randomese, except that the producers only translated what the children said because it was too much money to translate what the parents or Snoopy say.

The other famous use is in Rap and Heavy Metal songs. The lyrics are pure Randomese.

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