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Cow Moo Cult
This user posses the mighty rank of Full Bull, but contrary to popular belief, is not made entirely of bullshit. In fact, they're a big, fat, fighty officer of the CMC.

edit Me


This User dunks their biscuits!

“All good things in life start with the letter M”
~ Homer on Monty Python, Mars Bars, Maple Syrup and McWooty

Hello, my name is:

The Venerable Right Honorable Dr Mr Sir Prof Colonel Field-Marshal-Major General McWootus Arthur Horatio Henry Arthur Philip Archibald Aquamediac Banmosignolumous III Archbiship-Duke and Official Greeter of the Grand Principality of Istantinople CD-Drive Wing Commander of Associated Water and Cheese, Batman and Robin Biggus Dickus Nautius Maximus OBE Meniscus Bacillus Epiphany Pontifex Maximus Reiklandergeboodleschmittlest PHD GBE ADHD USB MBBS STD

But you can call me McWooty.

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Eat up.
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This is me

I look like this (actually my hair is parted slightly differently)


That'll teach ya to delete my article!


This user takes up the pie of justice! Do you?

edit About me


Weebl emplores you to answer him! He will never stop rocking back and forth otherwise

I don't know why anyone would want to know about me, but oh well.

Although a devout member of the CMC but I also believe in the Flying Cthulu Robot, may his mechanical tentacles crush us all in our sleep.

I am a British citizen even though I'm English but if I lived in Scotland I would be British but the country is officially called The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but if I lived in Northern Ireland would I be British (even though its not on the island of Britain) or Irish or North Irish or Northern Irish or UKish? Confusing eh?

I keep pet chickens, doesn't mean I'm crazy though hm her hm?

Uncyclopedia Puzzle Potato Notext This user believes that admins are control freaks.

edit Articles I created

edit The few edits that I'm not ashamed of

edit My frankly rubbish award cabinet

Newcookie Darth Lithuania has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.
Mop Bucket given for no reason at all
Mop Bucket

Granted. Now make yourself useful and clean my userpage.

edit My Virtual Garage

User: McWooty/Random Stuff I Want To Keep Safe

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