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Do you have a polar bear as a pet? Or as a tasty Meal? Probably not. So when you see one of those stupid Commercials suggesting that you donate to some rich bastard in a corporate building somewhere, so they can lie to you about helping to stop Global Warming, you have to ask yourself, Why Should I Care about Those Damn Polar Bears?

Why Why? 
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This is what the polar bear thinks of You.

edit Why?

Besides the obvious answer of Why Not?, there are reasons why to give a crap about these wonderous creatures. But you can be a Douchebag and not give your life and Soul to the WWF to save the animals that may or may not actually be in danger.

edit Why to

  • Because you're so gullible when it comes to cute animals.
  • Because you're kind of gay.
  • Because you want to give back to The World.
  • Because you're bored.
  • Because we told you to.
  • That Warm fuzzy feeling.
  • If you don't, a Grue will beat you to death.

edit Why not to

  • Because.........
  • Because you're paranoid and afraid that the government will come for you if you do.
  • Because you had one for a tasty meal last night.
  • Because you hate the WWF.
  • Because you like making excuses not to do stuff.
  • Because you're too busy reading this article.
  • Because nobody cares.

Kung Fu Panda renactments are the number one cause of Polar Bear endangerment.

edit The Facts

Polar Bears do not live in the Artic or Antartic regions, they have migrated to New York, where they currently have unusually high unemployment rates. Most are homeless, and many have lost their families for a new life. You can save them, by donating. Don't you want to feel good about yourself?


edit Conclusion

In truth, it doesn't really matter either way you do it, because either yo do it and that rich bastard makes a whole bunch of money off of you, or you don't, and the rich bastard makes a whole bunch of money off of other people.So if you're tight on cash, don't even bother, but if you feel like helping people that constantly exploit the innocent civilians for their own purposes, then by all means, donate.

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