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Vodkelpplant is not your average n00b, nor is he your average Uncyclopedian. Why? Because the man is literate. And he wants to share his love of the English language by contributing generously to the Undictionary to help his fellow writers and teach them the signification of long-forgotten words such as Shellfish, Turtledove and Bagpipe among countless others. He is also a romantic soul who dates a Girl with a Pearl Earring and loves her passionately. He puts us all illiterate, unromantic hillbillies to shame. Kinda why we like him.

You always thought of frogs as being pacific amphibians or a damn French guy. Think again. Serial killing frogs do exist, and they are expressing their love for killing by simply overwhelming their opponents with killer articles such as Sex, Charles Mingus, sex with Charles Mingus, then he stashes his enemies in Cum Dumpsters just like Vladimir Putin would do with his political opponents. Truly, we have to reconsider the way we look at this seemingly inoffensive animal.

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