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edit The return of the tide

by Mattsnow

As various entertaining drama unfolds around our beloved Wiki, it should be noted that some people foolishly make their return to the site, letting go of lucrative occupations such as milking cows or keeping a watchful eye on the sheep herds. They did just that for the simple fun of writing funny articles, as if there was something to be gained from hanging around here.

Such bipolar candidates include the much talked about Codeine, which we are all genuinely trying to talk into not getting his heart rate above 90, which is his estimated age. His doctor crew told us in an exclusive interview that he may just not make it if he so much as stand for more than 3 consecutive minutes, and that his obsessive "Anniversary" edits may hint as being a first grade of dementia.

On the other extreme of the sanity spectrum. Nikau came back on the wiki with a vengeance: clogging the Recent Changes, writing 4 articles at the same time while doing Pee Reviews and drinking Red Bull after Red Bull in order to keep the frantic pace up. It is estimated that he edits the wiki on 3 separate computers at the same time: two with his hands and one with his toes, hence the reason why he is often edit conflicting himself!

The community is really grateful for the return of such marvelous dinosaurs and decided to organize a rhinoceros BBQ in their honor. Please bring your boose!

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