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If Ron Paul were to win the general election to rule the Empire, all hell would broke loose on America. That is a fact that just can't be debated. The primary election of the only candidate which is advocating rapatriating ALL the troops home would undoubtedly spark WW3. Furthermore, the only congressman who has been voting against every tax increase in the country since he was elected some 220 years ago said that he would repel every tax increase that would land on his desk were he the elected the President of the Empire. That is a statement that will increase the financial burden of American households for sure.

It is very hard to comprehend why would Americans support such an asshole since they are considered to be justthey would support a warmonger, but there are some desillusions some could argue that the totality of the gents who are opposing his policies are imbecils. They came forward with a country that they think is worth arguin for with a very strong statement. Let's hear what some would have to say: We are so certain that the drug on wars is a good idea! We are about to win it, even though I coulgh propably go to any bar I want and buy the drug.... But we are about the win!!!

Another says: We are about to win the War on Terror! Ron Paul says we should stop getting involved in other countries since we wouldn't like like having Russia on our border but since we have military bases in Germany and Turkey, I just don't get why hey would be after us!

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