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The question of national unity in Canada is an immemorial one, going back in history as far as the conquest of the Land by Jacques Cartier (notice a French name here) until general Wolfe (an English, as is pretty obvious) decided to defend the glory of the Empire by battling the French, and defeating them. Since that time, the people of Quebec have stubbornly resorted to using the French language, and their English counterparts have a hard time understanding why. Here is a debate amongst the 2 nations who have been experiencing so much resentment toward one another. The debate that will be monitored and called straight down the line by our moderator, as we are going to give ample time for 2 antagonist with diametrically opposed views a time to address the subject.

Moderator: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to tonight's debate. On my left, representing the Quebec Separatists Federation, please welcome Anatole Tremblay! And on my right, proudly defending the Ontarian Hitlerian Association, <insert your name here, lollipop!>. I will give a short tme to each of the antagonist to make a brief presentation.

Anatole Tremblay:

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