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Immortal Technique

As any government mandated people will tell you, Immortal Technique is sporting here the universally recognized sign for "lack of Patriotism". It just so happens to be the sign for peace.

Immortal Technique is a hip-hop artist that is hell-bent on exposing the nefarious scheme of globalization, which some bizarre people refer to as the New World Order. Mr. Technique has been shunned and demonized by the mainstream media and the Monstruous Television Vendetta (MTV). Big players of the musical industry, who are always looking for the next talented person to come out of the doldrums and express their daily struggle, have notoriously ignored his work, despite the fact that his songs have more views on Youtube than your average fake-ass rapper.

The mainstream musical industry is basically telling him that if he has nothing better to offer than the downright truth about what is happening in the world and in his personnal vicinity, he'd better shut the hell up and leave the floor to superficial millionaires who will fall in line with the hip-hop commercial motto, which is to worship physical possessions and consider women as tools.

edit 9/11 stance


Just as any reasonable person who ever took a couple of minutes to reflect on the major incident, Immortal Technique is very much skeptical about the official government conspiracy. He often cites WTC7 as an exemple, as you can see the thing crumbling over and over again on your right. It is his firm belief that George W. Bush was at the heart of a conspiracy to blow up the towers in order to have a reason to invade Iraq, and he does not refrain from expressing that opinion in his songs.

Such logic is very likely to fall on deaf ears for the majority of the American populace, who, as Immortal Technique puts it, are afraid to face their own shit.

edit Government views

His perceptions of the ruling elite are so apocalyptic and incisive that no government who claims to offer a system of Free Speech will tolerate it. That may be the reason why you never heard about him and don't care in the slightest, but wonder feverishly what shit Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber are going to shove down your throat next. Then again, it's all pure speculation on his part, as Uncyclopedia and the rest of the civilized world distance themselves from whatever this humanist has to regurgitate.

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