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This is an article I wrote entirely ewith my thumbds believe it or noiit. Yep I wrtote fhthuuidsb article witrgh my right thumb asnd niothuning moiré, kjuibdnbd of like gtthat PHNURR! aryticikoole I haertrd abkiuuouyt. Oh and buny the wzzzay I did not that moiré thing, blassme AutoCorrect. fucking autocorrect I hate it. Ypoyu heardb me right, I HATE AUTOCORRECT!!!!!!!

ANHD MONE OTRHER THING, I HJSADFGH TO YYUSE MY LEFT THUMB TTO MAKE THOSE wexvccjlkkklganmnation points; notherwise I hjyust jused mty eright thumb tino msake this article. Now I am going into that button o nn the upper left hand coerner to sacvwe this article.

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