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It looks kinda like this, only from fucking space.

Dude, fuck Connecticut. Like, seriously.

edit So there I was

exploring fucking Mystic county, doing my New England tourism thing with the foliage and the grapevines, right? Like, slightly-inferior-to-Massachusetts badass shit.

so I booked a room at "Rapey McRaperson's Bed and Breakfast," except the sign actually said "Bed and Rape," but Rape was crossed out and replaced with "Breakfast." Guess it was a fucking typo.

So I meet Rapey, who's like this fucking Connecticut Irishman, and he's all like "Hi, I'm Rapey McRaperson!" and I'm all like, "Yo."

edit but then I dropped my keys

Why the hell did I drop my keys? Like, WTF?

edit and I bent over to pick them up

and he tries to mount me! WTF?

So I'm like "Whoa, Rapey, are you trying to fucking rape me?"

And he says "Yeah sorry," and, like, fucking tucks himself back in.

I barely got away with a bunch of overpriced maple syrup from a fucking tourist trap.

No, seriously. Fuck Connecticut.

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