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Philip J. Fry is an American actor playing himself in the reality TV show Futurama, produced entirely in the future and broadcast back in time. He claims to be over 1,000 years old and is also the self-proclaimed ruler of France but regarded as being quite insane by nearly everyone around him.

Early Life

Philip J. Fry was born in the year 1716 into unloving parents. Depressed, he left his home in Nouvelle O Irorque. In 1732, he found himself reading the Royal Republicanist Manifesto. Fascinated, he soon organized a rebel expedition party to the Franco-Scottish Commonwealth. With an ingenious idea to freeze himself and travel to the future to rule the galaxy, he set off on New Years Eve. Everything was going fine till he slipped conking his head making him forget what he was going to do and being frozen for 1000 years. In the future he met a sexy one-eyed beast known as "Leela" and a drunken raging robot named "Bender". He set of with the two killing "wabbits" with Elmer Fudge.

Rise to Power

Philip J. Fry soon landed on the French shores and soon took Paris, killing Louis XV Stewart, the King of France-Scotland. There, he declared himself... the introductionary title you read in the beginning.

Marriage and Children

Fry apparently married Leela after regaining his memory and have no plans for any children, he then left for Omicron Persei 8, where he kept Leela between his ears.

Ice Kingdom Wars and Death

Traitor burning at the stake

Uncylopedians burning a man at the stake for questioning Uncylopedia

In 2017, Fry invaded the Ice Kingdom in order to annex a large part of the Island of Spades. In January 4, a large fleet of 146 was assembled at St. Malo, France and at Port-of-Ness,Scotland. Within 2 months, the Franco-Scottish fleet under Admiral Pierre André de Suffren de Saint Tropez arrived in Ice Kingdom waters. The Ice Kingdom Navy under The Sorcerer Saroosh engaged the fleet in the Battle of The Ice Kingdom Royal City. Admiral Žao was killed, and the French Army under Michel Ney occupied the Fire Nation. A week later, Fry visited the Duchy of Ice, and was killed by an unknown Wizard. The Ice Kingdom won independence under the Queen of Spades weeks later. Biff said at some point "You're supposed to be in Switzerland you little son of a bitch"


It must be noted that many of the historians who were alive at both times Fry existed would have to be insane or malfunctioning and none of this information should be taken seriously.

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Louis XV
Phillip James I Fry
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Charles X
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