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Sir Mackenzie Bowell
Rank: 5th
Predecessor: Jack Thompson
Successor: Wilfrid Laurier
Date of Birth: March 5
Place of Birth: City of London
Spouse: Gena, a Zulu Goddess
Political Party: The Progressive Conservative-Liberal
Communist Party of Northern Canada

The fifth Prime Minister of Canada, Mackenzie Bowell enjoys the hotly contested reputation of being the worst P.M in Canadian history.

edit Early Life

Bowell, a man ahead of his time by as much as three days, was a fan of history. The goal of his pointless life was to become the greatest Prime Minister in the history of Canada. He is now only remembered for his incredibly gross name.

edit Prime Minister

As Prime Minister Bowell led the now infamous Bowell Movement, which attempted to talk Scotland into once again becoming a part of England. Bowell had substantially more success with his own movement, as drinking more water and increasing his dietary fibre finally did the trick.

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