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Lars von Trier. Lars is likely to be against the government. Picture: Berlingske Tidende

“Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!”
~ Lars von Trier on George W. Bush
“ Well ... They have no clothes on?”
~ Officious boy on Trier's films

Lars Trier vontex'''''''''' or just Lars von Trier is a tiny man. He likes to produce so-called movie, where he illustrates the point that vi is already very well know already, but Lars just think we should be reminded yet, yet, once again.

His mother was in the Resistance during the war and later became a nudist, and in spite of her comings and water shed in the Second World was her husband who was the Jew apparently not good enough to have a child with. So she contacted a famous Danish artist and got it sorted that way. Maybe it was mother's dubious double standard that got Lars to maintain the same ethos through all his films ...

His middle name "von" from his time at films schooln. The teacher was, tired of Trier led forward, as an aristocratic asshole, counting everyone others bøvede idiots, and the teacher cried in his wrath, and anger at him. Trier, however, could be like the elitist tone, the name "von" was, and he kept it and got up a shield with two crossed hot dog s of a glass with mixed Valium and Cipramil.

edit Film


The little strange man will make a TV series, with the Swede with hentehår. It's uh-hu-cozy !!!

Von Trier is convinced that people not sums up a message when they get the first time. That's why all his movies trilogies, that he can ensure that the viewer gets it all.

edit Dogmata

Dogmata was that the films were recorded through a bottomless bucket of a photographer with Parkinson's disease. And everything should be done without technical processing of the film. Why should actress ne such learn to walk in the swimming pool, a place they do not normally come by themselves, because they do not want to appear in the tabloids with their genitalia, photographed with an iPhone of their neighbor.

edit The Idiots

  • Idiots was Lars' own dogmatafilm. In a collective chefideologen have found out that it achieves its best through fun and preferably in public places. An expression of Lars' own exhibitionistiske cravings. The film ends with a girl who drools pie out of his mouth.

As the group sex scenes were recorded, all the actors wore flesh-colored leotard, with the exception of Trine Michelsen and Knud Romer Jorgensen. They were not actors, but accustomed to the must. It is said that von Trier passport stopped afterwards, with two pilsners in a string after a boat.

edit USA - Land of Opportunities


Lars' two actors Udo Kier and Willem Dafoe after the premiere of his "Antichrist"

  • Dogville - This film is the first part of one of von Trier's profound works. Here comes a young girl to a small kridtstregsby. She puts up with everything. At some point she will be screwed, because she never says from. Trier thinks he has made a shocking revelation about human behavior. The rest of us know that the will weak people (Nicole Kidman) has been created so that we can abuse them.
  • Manderlay - In this second film in the series, is her's "Grace" from the first film somewhere going, called Manderlay. Whether it is now Grace is undecided since she has suddenly ceased to look like Nicole Kidman. The film tries to copy the style of Dogville, which is slightly flat, as Dogville was something of a one-trick pony. The plot deals with negroes and how difficult it is to get them reprogrammed from slaves of free men. Eventually, it turns out that it is not the white man, but some old negro who keep the blacks down because he is afraid of what would happen if Status Quo would disintegrate. Trier believe again that he has made a shocking revelation about human behavior. The rest of us know that it is normal when the world spits in the face of idealists, and that slavery has a nice high job security.
“ First pisses those, so they say, we smell”
~ An unemployed on attempts to reduce early retirement and pension

edit Automavision

Lars von Trier has also invented hisfullyown way of filming for a better result.

It goes beyond the fact that it deprives Lars all his force action and lets the camera focus on what they choose to, which so far has given better movie ...

edit Antichrist

When viewers for his last two films were only up to round the eighteen, had little Lars in 2009 to find the great provocations ahead. This was the film "Antichrist" out of. It's about a man and a woman who goes out in the woods chopping tray, where they among other things, meet a talking fox. And then there was probably something with Freud, I do not know exactly when I think I slept at this time.

Everyone in Europe met with the movie "Adddr! The buns!", Apart from the reviewers who did not dare admit that they did not understand a word.

edit Melancholia

Lars von ab zu und neben jumps out as a crypto-Jewish radical socialist, declares its prohibited love for Finance Claus jowls Hjorth, then Earth one still goes under because the number of tycoons have reached a critical mass.

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about User:Matthlock/Lars von Trier.
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