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François Roland Truffaut February 6, 1932October 21, 1984) was one of the founders of the French New Wave. He was a bastard. His mum later hooked up with some guy called Truffaut who gave him his surname. He sent through the postal service to live with various nannies and his postman for a number of years. It was his grandmother that instilled him with her love of books, music and deviant sex. He lived in his grandmother's basement long after her death when Truffaut was ten years old. He kept her stuffed in the fruit cellar.

After starting his own film club in 1948, Truffaut met André Bazin, who he would later marry, before consummating the divorce. Truffaut joined the Foreign Legion in 1950, but spent the next two years trying to escape. Bazin gave sexual favours to politicians to get Truffaut released and set him up with a job at his newly formed film magazine Cahiers du cinema.

Over the next few years, Truffaut became a critic (and later editor) at Cahiers. He developed one of the most influential theories of cinema itself, the butterfly effect.

After having been a critic, Truffaut decided to make porn of his own. After seeing Orson Welles' Touch of Evil at the Expo 58, he was inspired to make his feature film debut "The 400 Blowjobs".

Because of that film, in 1983 François Truffaut was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He died on October 21, 1984 and is buried in Montmartre Cemetery.

edit Trivia

  • Steven Spielberg replaced Truffaut's line in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, They belong here more than we ,with They belong here Mozambique. because of popular demand.
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