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edit My Life

Hello, my name is Matt. As my name suggests I am both male and often nude

I am 44, a widow and a nudist at heart

I have 6 children, all aged 31 (however not with the same birthday)

I worked as a street artist for 50 years however I was arrested for public indecency.

Bear man

edit Why am I so often nude?

I have a rare skin condition which means I am constantly hot, due to this all my clothes always just melt off of me, it used to be embarrassing however now I am used to it and I feel more people should join me in my nudity. I know there are already nudist beaches however I feel entire cities and shopping centers should enforce people to dress in only their birthday suit.

edit My Future

No one can confirm the definite future however I can assume with 90% confidence within the next 2 hours you shall either be:

>Naked (like me)


>Dead and clothed

Join me, and together we shall be naked!


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