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UnNecessary Censorship is the suppressing of communication, or the removal of inserted objectionable material. This can be performed in varying degrees of severity, and is often deemed to be rough and painful for both parties involved (although supplementary parties can also be present at the time). Censorship is UnNecessary for many reasons, such as excessively-correcting wrong grammar, diction or spelling mistakes, prohibiting the distribution of child porn, as well as furthering the protection of children in general. UnFortunately, much of this still manages to penetrate the thick lining of protection, resulting in a much less mentally-arousing and intellectually stimulating internet and media, hosting fundamentally wrong and perverse material.

edit Origins


Here we have a picture of an anorexic man, bewildered at abnormally small size of his pants.

UnNecessary censorship has been recognised and attempted by many historical figures throughout time. During the writing of the bible, apostles were seen hastily rubbing one out when it was implied Jesus was black. King James I of England further continued this trend of pulling a white out on ideas his predecessors had included, culminating in a sticky situation for all. Proofreader-philia (def. love of correcting literature with pencils and other pointy objects) is not only limited to church matters, as cultures all over the world have engaged in the practice. Japanese people extensively engage in the act of sadistically striking out one another's mistakes, as well as masochistically being forced to eat a compiled list of crushingly harsh corrections, or a hoarsely fallacious recommendation. The French have been known to enjoy being particularly anal, even over the smallest of grammar holes.

The conceptual founding of mandatory grammar assessment when inappropriate or uncalled for, was first made by a self-proclaimed grammar Nazi whilst in an English lesson. Upon reviewing his friend's piece for the school newspaper, the large tightly packed bulge of non-paragraphed writing screamed out to him. Driven wild by this, he later took his turgid prose on interpretation of face value. At the end, his friend was forcedly made to lap up every single corrected bit.

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