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Hello Caller, you're on the air!

Bob is many things, and all things. Well, not really. Bob is actually a popular male nickname, with highly-sophisticated research indicating it to be a contraction of the name Robert. Depending on what you're looking for, it can refer to all, or none of the following:

edit Radio

  • Bob FM, a radio station related entirely to all things Bob. The first of any morning airplay is used to broadcast all songs with the word Bob in. After all five of these have been played, the phone calls are taken, with callers ringing in to ask the host (Bob) a Bob-question, state their Bob-related opinion, or even take part in a competition where they can win a variety of Bob-related prizes.

edit Science and Technology

  • Bob (Physics), a subdivision of science dedicated to the study of Bob-matter.
  • Hurricane Bob, a large cyclone that sweeps up anyone named Bob in its path.
  • Alice and Bob, two placeholder characters in cryptography and physics problems (A+B), although there is admittedly much less attention paid to Alice than there is to Bob (therefore A</B. Physics at its purest!)

edit Companies and Organisations

  • Building Opportunities with Business, a community economic development non-profit based in Vancouver, Canada. BOB focuses primarily on Microfinancing to any clients in possession of the nickname Bob. Tough competition is faced from BEN, MATT, and STEVE.
  • Bank of Baroda, a bank in India that caters solely to customers named Bob. Ironically, there are few men named Bob in India.

edit Video Games and Computers


Malicious transdimensional spirit? That's fucking stupid.

  • B.O.B. (video game), a side-scrolling shooter by Electronic Arts, in which you play Bob, an average male who must fight his way home through the horde of non-Bob enemies that await him. Rated BO (Bob-only).
  • Bob (Tekken), a character in the video game series Tekken. Ranking 10th on GameDaily's top 10 ugliest game characters list, Bob is a morbidly obese freelance karate instructor, who intentionally increased his weight and body-size to be able to taken on larger opponents. The fact that he used copious amounts of cream cheese dip and Doritos dampens his credibility, somewhat.
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