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(Stuff I helped with/made)
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<math>Materialist = awesome/pie + american + x^e</math><BR>
<math>Materialist = awesome/pie + american + x^e</math><BR>
<math>x = Chuck Norris - 1</math><BR>
<math>x = Long Cat- 1</math><BR>
<math>1/e= Nuck Chorris</math><BR>
<math>1/e= Broad Cat</math><BR>
==Stuff I helped with/made==
==Stuff I helped with/made==

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edit Who am I, you say

Materialist = awesome/pie + american + x^e
x = Long Cat- 1
1/e= Broad Cat

edit Stuff I helped with/made

Made Bad Religion
Made JK
Made Transhumanism

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