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Hi my name is Master, but some people usually commonly call me Masterd, Doug, or Randolph.

I live in a treasure trove at the bottom of the sea, and usually nobody can find me except you and me.

“This man has a euphoric attitude towards most everything”
~ Euphoria on Randolph

I like writing super crappy articles that never get featured. I also enjoy browsing articles and correcting peoples shitty grammar. Occasionally, I'll make a decent edit to a bullshit article, that way no one ever notices what potential I have. Oh yeah, and 98% of my edits are reverted within 55 seconds. Pretty good if you ask me.

“Yeah, he fucking sucks at writing articles and editing pics. Nobody knows where he fucking came from but he never fucking leaves”
~ Uncyclopedia User on articles written by Randolph

edit Things I've Written / Played

UnNews:Dangerous Chinese drink spawns yet another recall

UnTunes:You're Not Thinkerer! (w/RAHB)

edit Pics I've edited

Chinese headquarters
Windows Foxhole
Jimmy Page Portal
Hindenburg sighting

Collaboration with RAHB

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