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“. . . Wasn't he The Atomic Bastard the last time I checked? ”
~ Master Bastard on himself
“If we meet this 'atomic bastard' again, we'll fucking lynch him. ”
~ Easily Fooled Hackers on The Atomic Bastard
“Fuck, these annoying bastards are idiots. ”
~ Master Bastard on Easily Fooled Hackers
<insert name here> is next. ”
~ Easily Fooled Hackers on <insert name here>

edit Who?

A training cartoonist who wanders around slums at midnight, wearing a tie. He has lost 39 cell phones and $698.25 in this way.

edit What?

A tie, several dip pens, and a cell phone (definitely will be gone by next week).

edit Where?

The slums of New York.

edit When?


edit Why?

You tell me.

edit How?

An abomination of nature.

edit The Atomic Bastard? Oh, um . . . never heard of him.

Master Bastard is NOT the Atomic Bastard, his computer was NOT hacked to death, and he did NOT fool the hackers by faking his death. End of story.

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