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Martinultima’s Scratchboard
In the same vein as Slate Industry in Wales:
Postage stamps of Ireland are the postage stamps issued by the postal authority of the independent Irish state.”
~ Captain Obvious on Wikipedia's featured article on August 14, 2007

Get Franklinstein here VFP-ready:

And get Franklinstein here VFH-ready...

User:Martinultima’s Scratchboard Hack (v1.0)

Basically this is like those little Chatterbox things you can get on blogs, etc., only it's wiki-based and intended for a marginally more useful purpose. You can use it as a guestbook, a notepad, or a personal to-do list. What the hell, you can use it for whatever you want, it's your scratchboard! Take a look at the example on the right (shown actual size).

How it works

All you have to do is stick this wikicode on your userpage: {{:User:Martinultima/SB|user=YOUR USERNAME}} Your Scratchboard should be ready-to-go as soon as you save; just click the "Add New Post" link and begin typing away! It automatically resizes itself to be as wide as possible, so you can have a big one, a little one... whatever kind of scratchboard!

There are a few other parameters, here's the complete list. All of these are optional, although user is generally recommended:

Name Default Description
user Martinultima Specifies which user's scratchboard should be displayed.
bgcolor #d3d3d3 Color for title bar and borders. Can be a name or hexadecimal.
bgcolor2 transparent Color for actual chat window. Can be a name or hexadecimal.
bgcolor3 transparent Color for button bar beneath chat window. Can be a name or hexadecimal.
height 7.5 How tall you want your Scratchboard to be, in CSS em units.

The scratchboard needs to use the standard wikipage editor, due to MediaWiki technical limitations (*cough* won't let us use HTML forms *cough*). Currently the links are Uncyclopedia-specific, but it should be easily possible to port the code to any other MediaWiki site. Post all questions/comments about the Scratchboard on this talk page, and preferably post something on mine too so I know what's going on.

Note – you should use an underscore if your username has spaces in it, i.e. Your_clever_multi-word_username.

Have fun!

Ninjastar-no Megalomaniac Martin “The Unfortunately Unfeatured” Ultima(VOTE FOR ME!)talk(AND MY PICS TOO!)contribs 16:12, 2 August 2007 (UTC)

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