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Aquaculture International Inc.®
Aquaculture International
The 'Inc.' part of the company's name was removed from the logo due to the abbreviation being associated with huge, plutocracy run conglomerates.
Slogan Every time you eat a Tilapia, think of us.™
Established 1972
Type(s) Public (NYSE; AQU)
Location(s) Houston, Texas; Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Industry Aquaculture
Employees 1,200,000
Produces Marine-based edibles
Revenue 548.2 Billion USD

Aquaculture International Inc. is a multinational corporation specializing in aquaculture production, the distribution of mariculture products, mariculture production logistics, and the genetic engineering of new strains of edible aquatic vertebrae for use in aquaculture production. Aquaculture International inc. is one of the fastest growing companies specializing in the breeding of consumable aquatic vertebrae (or, in layman's terms, "fish farming"). Born out of the public's need for more marine-based edibles, Aquaculture International Inc. was established to satisfy the consumer's aquatic vertebrae needs, and to solve the problem of overfishing associated with the extraction of sea-based edibles from wild fisheries; unlike other companies that extract fish from the ocean, where current product stocks are drastically decreasing, Aquaculture International Inc. breeds fish in aquaculture plants (or "fish farms"), eliminating the need for wild fisheries, and maximizing quarterly revenues. Aquaculture International Inc. is removing Mother Nature from the sea-based edibles industry by artificially breeding fish, and insuring the continued existence of consumable stock without fear of overfishing, which has hitherto been a difficult problem to contend with. Aquaculture International Inc. currently produces an average of 149,000,000 tonnes of edible aquatic vertebrae annually, and has an average quarterly revenue of 137 Billion USD (not including formerly independent subsidiaries), providing 97% of all marine-based edibles to the market.

edit Current Operations

Aquaculture International Inc. has several large scale aquaculture operations in all five of the major oceans, most of them concentrated in large clusters of enclosed marine-based edible production grids the size of several Olympic swimming pools. After successful lobbying of the International Maritime Organization to allow public corporations the right to govern international waters, Aquaculture International Inc. owns 1,400,000 Square km2 of ocean for use in enclosed mariculture plants. Aquaculture International Inc.'s newest enterprise recently opened in the Greater Antilles, expanding the corporation's territorial claims and allowing more tonnes of products to be produced. At first, several governmental law making bodies from nations in the Antilles (such as Cuba, and Haiti) were against Aquaculture International Inc. reserving the right to use all of the ocean around them for mariculture use, and imposing a minute 'Mariculture Tax' on their citizens. After the involuntary assassinations of high profile political leaders and a staged coup d'état involving Aquaculture International Self-Defense Forces, the company could expand its new halibut and carp farming initiatives.

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