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This page is for those who have been lucky enough to have come across quotes from "Mark the Frustrated Canadian"

Early Life and Origin

Mark the Frustrated Canadian (American Pronunciation: "Another communist from Soviet Canuckistan"), is an ice hockey player/hoser who was born in a Tim Hortons and was placed into a large 40-Timbit pack (Canadian for "Box") before being delivered to Canada's hospital located in Val-D'or, Québec. Being raised by a pack of ferocious Wolves led by a lost Michael J Fox turned teen-wolf shifted Mark's general outlook at life to one that is quite frustrated. Ever since he left the devious pack (near 1648 AD), he pulled a Terry Fox and wandered aboot the vast country until he stumbled upon what appeared to be a computer when he was roaming through the lost city of Red Deer, Alberta. He never knew what a computer was until he found one of Canada's five power outlets and plugged it in to see bright, entertaining colours (Canadian for "colors") that he wanted to turn into some form of profession.

Teen Years and Early Career


Here we find a somewhat successful Mark trying to install Firefox onto his Windows 64 custom gaming computer in 1849.

Decades later, the magical wonder of what is now called "T3h 1nt3rw3b" was founded at the top of Mont. Jesus in Kentuckistan by Bill Gates. Equally frustrated at IE1 as he was at life in general, Mark decided to accelerate faster and safer with Firefox and became able to share his frustrated views with the entire online community by quoting himself in pages such as: The iPod Invisa, "El Doucherino" (Sigmund Freud), The iMax, and others. He enjoyed himself on the Uncyclopedia website hoping to enjoy the wonders of what was to come...

Current career

Mark is still found today surfing on his "Totally rad" Alienware computer finding new ways to be the true Canadian Moosehead-guzzling John Deere-operating subtle-lawn-mowing hoser that his bitches raised him to be. He now resides in a small settlement found in Southern Torontario named N00bmark3t.

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