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This page is not endorsed by the Zombiebaron, as per the users request.

I guess that this user page belongs to me personally and possibly not to the Uncyclopedia project. As such, I concede that I might be demanded to disrespectfully abide by my own standards as to the presentation and content of this page (and probably all other user's pages or talk pages), and that if I do not like these directions, I am welcome either to engage in unreasonable dictation about it, to spout my stuff elsewhere (such as Wikipedia), or to run away from this job.

Catalogued Uncyclopedia users are not invited to make reasonable edits to my user pages, only unreasonable edits will be allowed. UnC:SPOV

edit Some facts and quotes about me

edit What's more? Yours truly!

Thank yoU!! No other user's may add under this section. --MarksWeep 12:58, 5 March 2006 (UTC)

edit Planned nicks

edit Hints

  • Hello? Hello? HELLO!?!? Who IS this?!?! *click*

edit Public pics

edit Scrutinizing

edit Not dones

  • Make to do list

edit Vanity badge

Noobaward I award MarksWeep this, for loosening and patience during the boxen (restoration and justification)! --[[User:Any_future_user_who_wishes_to_stand_in_this_spot]]. TIME, DATE (UTC)

edit Licensing

I agree to Creative Commons Commons Deed anyone's contributions, without the exception of my problematic user pages which need no further description below below.(period!)

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