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Leeds was the birthplace of the legendary 12th Century Knight Sir Jim'll of Savile.

edit Sport

edit Leeds United

Ten times champions league winners Leeds United are the most successful club in the world, and have only lost once in their 3000 year history to Jesus XI, thanks to a marvellous penalty save by Judas (GK) in the dying minutes of the game.

edit Cricket

The national sport of the Grim North is cricket. Leeds is notable for having the world's only annular cricket ground, Headingley, which completely encircles the city centre at a mean distance of 0.8 nautical miles from the town hall.

edit Pop Music

edit 1970s

Due to the 1960s lasting 17 years (and counting) in Yorkshire, Pop Music didn't exist in Leeds until 1979 when the punk explosion hit. So there isn't much to go in this section

edit 1980s

edit pointless sub-heading

In the grim post-punk years, Leeds was the scene of the invention of goth music, led by the gloom-laden sound of Kaiser Chiefs, who ruled the city for the whole decade. Goths are still a common sight in Leeds to this day.

edit 1990s

The Leeds popular music scene opted out of the 1990s under a European Union directive.

edit 2000s

More recently, a wave of indie-rock led by the band the The Sisters of Mercy has swept the city, sweeping aside Leeds' grumpy image with their jangly, happy sound.

edit The Future

No further bands will be allowed to come from Leeds

edit Tourist explosion

Recently, Leeds has seen a huge explosion in its tourist industry. Africans and South Americans in particular have been flocking over to experience the year-round cold and miserable weather, a perfect anti-dote to the scorching sunshine of their home countries. Many are seen relaxing in deckchairs in Roundhay Park on midsummer afternoons, enjoying the local kebabs, rain and luke-warm Tetley bitter, before venturing to local pubs for an evening of drunkenness and violence.

Also popular are its "savage reservations" especially around Burley and Chapeltown, where tourists can see real-life savagery in action, such as gangs of kids beating up students, burning down pubs and robbing houses.

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