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Werner Herzog, aka Werner von Hedgehog, pronounced bVe'r-nR, is a famous German yodeler and film director.

He has directed over 300 films, most of which featured Nosferatu in a starring role. Herzog has since moved into yodeling as his primary activity.

edit Biography

He was born in Munich Germany to a German mother and a Croatian Serb Croatian Serb Croatian Serb Croatian Serb Croatian Serb Bosnian Male father.

Werner is most known for directing films with "Santa" Klaus Kinski and eating shoes, as well as for being one of the territories fought over in the Edit War between Croatia and Serbia. His ability to combine New Wave film directing with world class yodeling made him irresistable to Lederhosen clad ethnic cleansers in the middle west. (Yugoslavia) This part of the Edit War was won by Croatia, because Serbia had been invaded by the Ganguro droid armies of the European Union. Even though Croatia had won, Germany beat both by pointing out that

  • ze loverboy was born in Germany
  • his greatnez was raised on German nourishing fuud
  • ze Mother was German
  • we German people haz invented ze Yodeling
  • zis time, we have both ze Americans and ze Brits on our team

Werner Herzog is considered a prominent figure in the french Nouvelle Vague movement, second only to John Luke Godard. This movement saught, much like literary neo-realist movements, to return to much older conventional ways of creating pictures that moved. Herzog's landmark documentary "Remember Where You Came From" is a film about Herzog's own birth which eschews flimsy and ineffective techniques like reenactments because, in his own words, "Well, that would have been awkward, wouldn't it?" This documentary put the young Herzog on the map.

edit Filmography

  • Interview with a Wompire (1994) (Interview mit Nosferatu)
  • Where the Pants Vaporizer Dreams (1984) (Wo der Hosenzerstäuber träumt)
  • The Enigma of a Moron (1980) (Rätsel eines Emo)
  • Rumsfeld:Wrath of God (1972) (Rumsfelt, der Zorn Gottes)
  • Fitzcarraldo (1972) (Alles, das Sie über Sex wissen wollten aber sich nicht trauten zu fragen)
  • Abandoned Orphan Story (1970) (Guten Morgen, Sauerbraten!)
  • Remember Where You Came From (1954) (Goatzerdammerung)

edit Yodelography

  • eeeeeeyodelay-hooooo-yodelay-heeeeee-hoooo
  • reeeeeeeeee-colaaaaaaaaaa
  • eeeeeeyodelay-eeeeeeee-hooooo-yodelay-heeeeee-hoooo
  • reeeeee-colay-deeee-hooooo
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