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Manure "Manure the Bear" Manurisson Bear is famous icon amongst, suggestively, stinky bears . He has starred in numerous reality shows, such as Miss Mammalia, Baren Bruder 4 and has even taken the protagonist role in The Manure the Bear Show. He currently starrs in Cow & Chicken: a cartoon largely composed of bestiality, butts, sexual innuendos, graphic violence and butts (asses if one prefers). In that show, he is depicted as one of Cow's three favourite dolls, the others being "Piles the Beaver" and "Crabs the Warthog". His increased popularity has thus caused the Chinese to begin producing quality-labelled Manure the Bear merchandise for immature children (knowing that it would result in low profit gain), such as a sloppy recreation of Cow's Manure doll.

Manure the bear

No, that's not the character of Manure the Bear, that's the Manure DOLL. Get the difference, please.

Manure is not only famous for being a bear; his actual name and his appearance have raised many questions. For instance, is the substance in his diaper really 100% fresh manure? Why is there so much what seems to be pubic hair on his back? Is Manure really a bear or merely an obese chipmunk? You ought to read on to find out - go ahead, I dare you.

edit Origin

“Wait - so I'm not his creator?”
~ David Feiss on Manure

Manure was created by a Canadian writer called Matthew James Stinky, hence the mammal's name. Stniky claims he got inspired by the day when a grizzly crawled into his bed, took a gnarly dump, and fled soon after. The writer connoted two things from the horrific sight: "manure" and "bear". In the hope that he would make money, Stinky mentioned that he wrote the first comic strip of the series, entitled "The Adventures of Manure the Bear".

The first caricature of Manure was drawn by the writer, now proclaiming himself to be a true cartoonist. Stinky actually made him look aesthetically cute and he did not wear the loaded diaper he does today in his doll form, nor did he have the funny-looking hair sprouting from his back.

Unfortunately, Stinky died of colon cancer after the comic became only 2 months of age. From there, the cartoonist's brother, Joseph Stinky, took over, making sure that the general quality of the comic strips did not deteriorate. In 1990, Joseph died, too, and that was when everyone thought that Manure the Bear had reached his end. However, Manure's fame had only just begun to shine (or smell, for that matter).

edit Life as a celebrity

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