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Invincibility means you are invulnerable to attacks or obstacles that may hurt you in your every day to day life. To give a clearer clarification to what invincibility can do for you; imagine you are out for a stroll, and you see a giant turtle. This turtle may or may not be able to fly, but it definitely will kill you if it touches you, as all turtles are known for this, especially the ones with beaks. So, the moment you walk into that turtle, you either shrink into a midget or become slightly airborne as you fall off the side of the planet into a bottomless pit of nothing where you will remain forever, or at least until the game over screen, then you can restart. Now, if you had been in the same situation with invincibility, you would discover the turtles can no longer harm you! In fact, they may pop a few inches into the air themselves when you touch them, and they will be the one falling off the side of the planet, leaving you with 200 points! In other cases, you may just be able to walk right through the turtle, like you are some kind of ghost, where only the laws of gravity and the ground apply to you... any living thing is mere matter that you can easily pass through unscathed. However you can still get your satisfaction by jumping on the turtle which will blow it out of it's shell where you can then stomp on it in rages of turtle huffing. However that's nothing to do with being invincible, that's just the violent effect you get from playing Super Mario brothers games.

edit Invincible

Many people who have found invincibility enjoy kicking the shit out of people for fun to reach bosses and old high school teachers they have a grudge against.

edit Types of Invincibility

edit Temporary Invincibility

This form of invincibility only lasts for a few short seconds. If you obtain this kind of invincibility, hurry up and use it as fast as you can do to all the things that would normally kill you. So quickly light up, shoot heroin or kick a baby, whatever you desire, but keep in mind, breaking your mother in laws nose might seem like a good idea at the time, but once the invincibility wears off, the cops can once again arrest you.

edit Full On Fucking Fun Invincibility

This is the mother to have fun with, this one will last you throughout life. With this, you can not be killed, can not take harm, can not be run over, die, drown, be a victim of a suicide bombing, or suffer a heart-attack from watching Richard Wilkins interview some fag for the millionth time causing your stress levels to go through the roof that someone out there thinks someone might give a fuck what he has to say. So please, if you do find the invincibility cheat for life, go and kill him will you, do the world a favor.

edit How can I obtain Invincibility?

As Cher put it, if she could reach the stars, she would give them all to you, which would be a shame, as someone else would be hogging all the invincibility stars. These stars can also be found in smaller sizes across Mushroom lands and kingdoms. Sometimes they can be found hidden inside bricks that you will have to be strong enough to punch them until they break, and other times they can magically float up from the ground if you throw enough wildlife creatures around. You can also gain invincibility by sucking Jesus' cock.

edit You can sometimes still die

Some people who obtain invincibility can be rather careless. Make sure you don't fall off cliffs or bridges or things, as the invincibility cheat of life can sometimes be glitchy. If you happen to fall down something, sometimes you may reappear back where you fell from, or near to it, flashing around for a few seconds before you are no longer invincible. Other times you might just actually kill yourself, and if you aren't also using your "Unlimited Lives" cheat in life... well, you're basically fucked.

edit Criticism of people with Invincibility

Like anything else people of "normal" living stature think, being "Invincible" is looked down upon by mortals. They say it's "cheating" and if you wanna pass the game of life, then you should work at it and develop real skills. They say using this method is lazy and stimulating, one anti-cheater user from www.Jedin00bpwn.cock said, "It's like sticking your dick into a vacuum cleaner, sure it sucks nicely and it gets you off, but it deprives you of the real thing with a partner, and you get more fun, passion and excitement out of the workout"... how a 34 year old geek like that who still lives in his parents basement hosting Dungeons & Dragons meetings with 10 other just as dweeby geeks knows about the pleasures of a woman, is completely beyond us.

edit Having fun with Invincibility

There are many things you could do with invincibility, but I will tell you what I did with it last week. Being now that I am invincible, it means I can never die. But it made me wonder about death? And I thought, if I could die, how would I want to go? And then it hit me, I would want the electric chair! I will tell you my reason for this in a minute, but before that, to get myself on death row, I had to go out and murder a lot of people before giving myself up, because the invincibility cheat of life is meant for killing enemies, especially turtles and side walking turds, and not humans.

So I have climbed my local bell-tower and pretended I am a disgruntled postal worker, a great way to get the chair by any means. So I began offing a few people... now at first, you may think, "OMG, thats horrible, how can you live with yourself?" well that's easy, i'm sure I will live long enough to get over it, besides the end result of this idea will be hilarious. So I've offed about 3 or 4 hundred people, all while cops are shooting me with bullets and tear gas and bazookas and all this shit, they even brought in a tank and blew the whole bell-tower up, but I just calmly fell to the ground, landed on my feet and kept shooting like nothing had happened, that's the cool thing about invincibility, no one can kill you but you can kill them and all the fire around you is really pretty.

so anyway, after 2 hours of this, I got bored, so I waited for the next round of cops to come and I gave myself up. So they trialed me and said I would do life, but I begged and pleaded with the judge to give me the chair. So, I finally got to death row and awaited what they thought would be my execution via the electric chair. Now, when you are about to be executed, you are always granted one last meal. You can have anything, whatever you want. So for my last meal, I said to the Warden, "I want you to find the biggest barrel you can find. I want it much bigger then a keg, and I want you to fill it up with butter. Then I want a spoon and I am going to eat every last drop of that butter from the biggest barrel you can find to contain it in. I want the barrel to overflow with butter. I want it to have a huge cone looking upside down spiral mountain of butter poking out from the top. And two spoons, so I can scoop up another batch of butter as I devour the other hands spoon filled with butter. Then, when I'm done with the butter. I want you to bring me in 100 garbage bags filled with un-popped popcorn!"

I'm sure I don't have to explain to you what happened later when they flicked the switch on the chair. But boy was I in hysterics when I left that place!!!

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