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Counting to Infinity was a task that was believed to be impossible. Even the greatest mathematicans unanimously agreed infinity was an unreachable number. They believed that claim so much, they didn't even try to count to infinity. In 2006, a German mathmatician indeed counted to infinity and recorded this video on Youtube about his experiences. Millions of people across the entire world then attempted to count to infinity, and few made it.

Did you know counting to Infinity is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and almost anyone can count to infinity. It requires answering a few questions. Currently, there are three different methods to count to infinity, a cool, an uncool and a effective one.

edit Questions...

Did you know...
Infinity is over 9000

Are you Amish???
If so, you can't count to infinity [1]

Are you Chuck Norris???
If so, you have already counted to infinity. [2]

edit The Cool Method


Programming a calculator can be quite difficult as shown here, and might require help from an expert

Use a calculator, that's what all the cool people do. A calculator can be a favorite companion. You have to admit, you'll get lazy every now and than.

edit The Uncool Method

Use The \bar{} Symbol
That always works well, doesn't it?

edit The Effective Method

Get some other people to help you [3] [4]. Count once or twice and leave the rest to the others. Sometimes have a look if they do well, if not do some flaming or stuff like that. As soon as they reach infinity, claim that is only because of your efforts and take the fame. This method is also sometimes called "The Supervisor Method".

edit Footnotes

  1. I don't mean to be racist, this is just the information I got from Wikipedia
  2. Chuck Norris fact book
  3. People counting to infinity
  4. More people counting to infinity

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