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edit "The Sleeper has Awakened. I am the Prince of all Saiyans once again!"

Majin Vegeta

"What's the Matter Clown?!?".

Vegeta: "WHAT FOOL!?!"

"You think I CARE that you've showed up to find out how FEEBLE you truly are compared to the Lord of all Saiyans? Don’t make me giggle! DON’T OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!! Every time one of you gawkers open your mouth, you prove how much of an idiot you are. It almost amazes me. Flowing through my veins is the blood of a warrior race, only Pure Blooded Super Saiyans can come close to dreaming of having my might; and there is no Super Saiyan bargain sale."

“If you think you’ve come to challenge me? Sorry. The offer's tempting but I decline. Just look at you... I've seen stronger house plants! You should know better than to oppose Vegeta. Obviously your brain must be one of your weak and under used muscles. I’ll teach you. There's only one certainty in life. A strong man stands above and conquers all! I am that man. I don’t care what you look like: muscles, blue, pink, grey, white, metallic, green, or some big bloated, balloon FREAK! You think you can accomplish so easily what I... I! Who has struggled my whole life to achieve my level of power?!? I am the completion of a 3 millennia prophecy. You are a fool. I'm would crush you and throw you into the wind, but your not even worthy enough to send to the next dimension. Be Gone!"

“What? Still here? What do you want? Have you come to kill the circus clown? Well Nobody destroys Kakarot while I’m around, destiny has reserved that luxury for me. I and I alone will fight him face-to-face and I’ll break him with my bare hands. In fact, now that I’ve thought of him I’m mad, mad enough to hurt somebody and pounding you just might be the therapy I need! You think you can stand against me? I'm going to knock you down to oblivion, they're going to need TWEEZERS to pick you back up. Welcome to the end of your life... I promise you, it's going to hurt. I recommend you start running, because I’m going to start by deworming you the hard way, by ripping out your guts! That's right RUN, even though... YOU CAN'T EXCAPE... MY WRAAAAATH!"

Bulma: “Vegeta, behave yourself!”

Vegeta: “Fine.............. I’m going to my room to train in Infinity Times Normal Gravity and lisen to Linkin Park.”

Earth Western Hemisphere This person helps reduce overpopulation by killing people, helping the environment.

(This page is a joke, you are supposed to laugh.)
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