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Year 920 AD, the War on the Motherfuckers has been raging For 17 years. The Holy Cheese Empire under the firm and wise rule of the The Great Smoking Cheddar McBarbie-Qyuo has pushed through the lands of the Unholy Rotten Motherfuckers and now, only the Fucking Heavily Fortified Capital City stands between them and total victory.

King Cheddar called for a meeting with his armies generals to stage the final assault on the capital. Plan A was to nuke the shit out of the city, but the plan failed when King Cheddar realized that it was year 920, so they resorted to plan B which was devised by King Cheddar's son and field marshall, General Mahmüsche Fredmann. Mahmüsche had to time-travel to year 2009 and steal a nuke from the French arsenal then drop by Italy to spend a couple of weeks with his buddy, CheddarBBQ, then take the nuke back with him to year 920. Plan B failed as Mahmüsche was "mysteriously" killed in Italy. God got pissed and revived Mahmüsche in 920 as Mooshy the White.

Without the aid of the nuke, the conventional attack on the Fucking Heavily Fortified Capital City was utterly crushed, and Mooshy was captured and tortured by the fearsome ruler of the Unholy Rotten Motherfuckers, Guildensternenstein by the anal rod to extract any useful information. Urban legends say that King Guilden can roll three joints simultineously, but still he couldnt force Mooshy to talk. King Cheddar arrived to the rescue, aided with General Docile Hippo's Holy Flying Purple Hippos 87th airborne company, and General Sonje's Flying V's squadron, equiped with several air-to-ground Testicle-Wrenching-Riff 14 missiles and 16 Face-Melting-Solo 7 auto-cannons. All went well and the Holy Cheese Empire defeated the Unholy Rotten Motherfuckers.

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