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Spork This page was originally sporked from Why?:Masturbate to that one chick from Mythbusters.

Why should you masturbate to that one guy from Mythbusters?

Why not?

edit He's a miracle

He's a man. Who does science. As we all know, this is suspension of reality. Gold Paint + skin + Rocket Chair = Sexy in the stratosphere. Nude man in the sky.

edit He's got a mustache and a beard

Sure it isn't as amazing as that other guy's mustache, but he has a better beard. It's like a lumberjack, with all the sexy hair on the chin you could ever want.

edit He really is one of the guys

So it's like being gay with all the name-calling because that actually kinda makes you gay.. But who gives a shit about what other people think anyway?

edit He likes to blow things up

If he can blow up a crash test dummy that efficiently, imagine what he can do with you.


I came.
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