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No, really, it won't. No not at all. Unlike all those other scary articles. Like UnBooks:Boop!, I've never been more scared in my life! And 5 Things Cracked Stole From Uncyclopedia, I shudder at the thought! But no, this article will be the most easy going, soothing, non-scary article you've ever read, that I've ever read, or that... well actually I can't say that. You might get scared.

edit The very first non-scary header in the article.


This is exactly the kind of picture that wouldn't be in this article.

And the text isn't scary ethier. If it was I would be a lier. Which would be far too scary for this article. Which would make me a lier again. Which woul make me a lier again. And on and on and on. Which would be a paradox of sorts. Actually let's change the subject, paradoxes are just a bit too scary for this article. Don't you agree? I hope so, because agreeable people are the least scary kind of people.

edit BOO!!!

Cookie Monster

Ha ha ha!! Ohh! I'd do it again in a second! Oh yes! It was perfect!! Ahh, the look on your face...

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