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Beauty at it's finest.

The human gastrointestinal tract is the most beautiful and moving natural process of all time. Some, including myself, believe it's even more wonderful than birth. The human gastrointestinal tract has been known to bring tears to grown men's eyes, make women faint, and even make children look up from their Game Boy Advance, if only for a second. So how's it work you ask? It involves your stomach, intestine, mouth and anus. I know, it's pretty awesome.

Now scroll down and watch with amazement the glory that is the Human gastrointestinal tract.

edit "So what starts it off?"

Eating gross

edit "Okaaaay... sounds nice. What's next?"

Throat instructions

edit "Um... ew. Can we not go on?"

Nope! here's what's next:


That's the inside of a stomach, where the food gets digested, in case you you were wondering. Dazzling isn't it?

edit "That was quite unpleasant. Please stop."

But we're just getting to the good part! Don't you want to see that?!

edit "No."

Oh... well... too bad. Next comes the small intestine.

Small intestine

edit "No, I-"

And then the colon!


edit "Are we almost done?"

Yes, actually. I know it's sad, but don't worry, we still have one more step!

edit "Oh shit..."

Rhino poops

Now let's learn about urination!

edit "That's it!"

Head shot
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