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This is how to use the bathroom. Be careful, there might be some information that has been taking way too far. So please don't delete anything.

edit Open the door to get into the bathroom

You need to turn the bathroom door handle and walk in sneakily. If you open any other handle, you'll be going into a different room. If the door is already open, then walk in and close the door behind you. Your mom or sister might be already in there taking a shower.

edit Sit on the toilet

Also, bring a book with you or something to keep you busy while you do you're "thing" in the bathroom. Leave the blinds up so your whole neighborhood can see you. Then you shit in the toilet and do your crap in the toilet.

edit Wipe yourself with some toilet paper

You should wipe yourself one or two times to get the crap off your asshole. Make it useful and use WHITE toilet paper. Better yet, use Charmin Ultra Soft or some other brand name. You also save the environment by doing this. Don't forget to flush the toilet paper with your crap!

edit Wash your hands with soap and water

You should wash your hands for about a second or put some Germ-X on those hands. Don't forget to pull up your god damn pants! Nobody would want to see you in your underwear.

edit The End

The end is when you leave the bathroom to go do something useful with your life. It's not that hard to find something else to do. IS THERE???!!!!

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