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Insígnia da Ordem da Desciclopédia

A Grande e Excelente Ordem da Desciclopédia é uma ordem de cavalaria estabelecida em ==INSERIR DATA, NOOB!== de 2007 por Sir Mafagafo CCDP. A Ordem inclui cinco classes em divisões de Usuários e Admins, por ordem de importância:

  • Cavaleiro ou Dama da Grande Cruz (GDP)
  • Cavaleiro ou Dama Comandante (CCDP ou DCDP)
  • Comandante (CDP)
  • Oficial (ODP)
  • Membro (MDP)

Apenas as duas maiores posições herdam a admissão na cavalaria.

O lema da Ordem é Por Nussakko e a Desciclopédia. É a mais nova das ordens portuguesas de cavalaria e tem um pequeno número de membros.

edit História

Sir Mafagafo CCDP fundou a Ordem para reunir todas as premiações na Desciclopédia:

Grue king

Retrato de Sir Mafagafo aos 84 anos

Originally, the Order included only one division; soon after its foundation, in 2005, it was formally divided into User and Admin Divisions. This Order of Knighthood has a more democratic character than the exclusive orders of the Bath or Saint Michael and Saint George, and in its early days was not held in high esteem. This has not changed. Unlike all other British Honours this can be conferred on Citizens of countries which do not recognise the Queen as head of state, the holders are entitled to place initials behind their name and style themselves "Sir ...".

edit Composição

thumb|right|Desciclopediano do Mês

Doutor Roberto é o Soberano da Ordem a aponta todos os outros membros da Ordem (por convenção, ou sob o aviso de Admins). O segundo membro mais velho é o Grão-Mestre. O actual Grão Mestre é Usien.

A Ordem é limitada a 20 Cavaleiros e Damas da Grande Cruz, 20 Cavaleiros e Damas Comandante, e 200 Comandantes. Não há limites reais em relação ao número total de membros da quarta e quinta classes. Nomeações são feitas sob o conselho do Forum:Boteco e Usuários. Por convenção, Admins são automaticamente transformados em Oficiais após a nomeação.

Cavaleiro ou Dama da Grande Cruz (GDP)

Ganhadores do prêmio Escritor do Mês e Desciclopediano do Ano são feitos Cavaleiros ou Damas da Grande Cruz da Ordem. Membros actuais:

Cavaleiro ou Dama Comandante (CCDP or DCDP)

Vencedores do Desciclopédia:Desciclopediano do Mês são feitos Cavaleiro ou Dama Comandante da Ordem. Membros actuais:

Comandante (CDP)

Pessoas que tiverem seus artigos em destaque são feitos comandantes da Ordem.

Membros actuais:

  • Exemplo
  • Exemplo 2

Cub Scout Uncyclopedia
Noob Badge'
(Noob of the Month)

Oficial (ODP)

Todos os admins são feitos Oficiais da Ordem. A lista completa de admins incluindo aqueles com o ranking de Comandante (CDP) ou mais está aqui.

Membros correntes:

OUN ret
Oficial aposentado (ODP) (apo.)

  • Oficiais fingindo não serem associados com a Desciclopédia:
    • Alguém

Membro (MDP)

Todos os usuários registrados podem ser Membros da Ordem.

edit Vestmentas

File:Batata desciclo sem texto.PNG

Membros da Ordem usam roupas elaboradas em ocasiões importantes, que podem variar com o status do membro:

  • The mantle, worn only by Knights and Dames Grand Cross, was originally made of yellow satin lined with blue silk, but is now made of green satin lined with light blue silk. On the left side is a representation of the star (see below).
  • The collar, also worn only by Knights and Dames Grand Cross, is made of gold. It consists of six medallions depicting the Royal Arms, alternating with six medallions depicting the Royal and Imperial Cypher of User:Elvis ("Uhu", which stands for "Presley Rex Imperator"). The medallions are linked with gold cables depicting Potatoes and crowns.

At less important occasions, simpler insignia are used:

  • The Proffiency Badge is a triangular red badge with the Uncyclopedia logo in the centre used only by Knights and Dames Grand Cross and Knights and Dames Commander. It is worn pinned to the left breast. The Proffiency Badge, which varies in size depending on class, bears a white Fluer de lis.
  • The Logo is the only insignia used by all members of the Order. Until 1937 it was suspended on a blue ribbon, with a white central stripe for the Admin division; since then the ribbon has been green with light blue edges, plus a light blut central stripe for the Admin division. Knights and Dames Grand Cross wear it on a riband or sash, passing from the right shoulder to the left hip. Knights Commander and male Commanders wear the badge from a ribbon around the neck; male Officers and Members wear the badge from a ribbon on the left chest; all females (other than Dames Grand Cross) wear it from a bow on the left shoulder. The badge is in the form of jigsaw globe with variouse random symbols. The size of the badges varies by rank: the higher classes have slightly larger badges. The badges of Knights and Dames Grand Cross, Knights and Dames Commander and Commanders are enamelled with pale blue crosses and crimson rings; those of Officers are plain gold; those of Members are plain silver.
  • In 1957, it was decided that any individual made a member of the Order for gallantry could wear an emblem of two crossed silver oak leaves on the same riband, ribbon or bow as the badge. Since 1974, however, appointments for gallantry have not been made; instead, a separate Queen's Gallantry Medal has been awarded.
  • The Her Majesty's Royal Flying Rat's Ass Medal is made of silver. It has white wings and a silver rat's ass.

On certain "collar days" designated by the Sovereign, members attending formal events may wear the Order's collar over their military uniform or evening wear. When collars are worn (either on collar days or on formal occasions such as coronations), the badge is suspended from the collar. Collars are returned upon the death of their owners, but other insignia may be retained.

edit Chapel

The chapel of the order is in the far eastern end of the crypt of St. Peter's Basilica, but it holds its great services upstairs in the main body of the Basilica. Religious services for the whole Order are held quadrennially; new Knights and Dames Grand Cross are installed at these services. The chapel was dedicated in 2005.

edit Precedence and privileges

Members of all classes of the Order are assigned positions in the order of precedence. Wives of male members of all classes also feature on the order of precedence, as do sons, daughters and daughters-in-law of Knights Grand Cross and Knights Commander; relatives of Ladies of the Order, however, are not assigned any special precedence. (As a general rule, individuals can derive precedence from their fathers or husbands, but not from their mothers or wives.) (See order of precedence in England and Wales for the exact positions.)

Knights Grand Cross, Knights Commander and Commander prefix "Sir", and Dames Grand Cross, Dames Commander and female Commander's prefix "Dame", to their forenames (Commanders are made Knights Bachelor so their knighthood actualy comes from outside the order). Wives of Knights may prefix "Lady" to their surnames, but no equivalent privilege exists for husbands of Dames. Such forms are not used by peers and princes, except when the names of the former are written out in their fullest forms. Clergy of the Church of Uncyclopedia do not use the titles of "Sir" or "Dame" and do not receive the accolade (i.e. are not dubbed knight with a sword, as are other knights, but not dames), although they do append the post-nominal letters.

Knights and Dames Grand Cross use the post-nominal "GUN", Knights Commander "KUN", Dames Commander "DUN", Commanders "CUN", Officers "OUN" and Members "MUN". The post-nominal for the Her Majesty's Royal Flying Rat's Ass Medal is "HMRFRA".

Knights and Dames Grand Cross are also entitled to receive heraldic supporters. They may, furthermore, encircle their arms with a depiction of the circlet (a circle bearing the motto) and the collar; the former is shown either outside or on top of the latter. Knights and Dames Commander and Commanders may display the circlet, but not the collar, surrounding their arms. The badge is depicted suspended from the collar or circlet.

Because it is the least senior of the British orders, titles in the Order of Uncyclopedia may be displaced by titles granted by another order. For instance, a woman knighted in both the Order of the Thistle and the Order of Uncyclopedia would use the title of "Lady" granted by the Order of the Thistle, rather than the title of "Dame" granted by the lesser Order of Uncyclopedia.

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