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Dave Filoni sits in George Lucas' office on Skywalker Ranch to pitch him an idea he has for a new Star Wars Holiday Special.

The pitch

George I have this great idea for a new Star Wars Holiday Special. Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and the corpse of Padmé Amidala are seen entering a cantina and proceed to make their way to the stage. Darth Vader slowly removes his codpiece and reveals his charred and deformed penis, he looks over to Luke and says: It is your destiny. Luke reluctantly starts sucking of his fathers flame grilled penis. Scabs of burnt and dead skin are piling up in Luke's mouth and soon after Vader ejaculates deep in his son's throat. Luke soon cumswaps the whole thing with Leia who is ofcourse wearing her famous slave suit. Out of nowhere Chewbacca enters the scene and rips off Vaders robotic arms which he inserts in Padmé's anus and vagina and proceeds to violently fistfucks her dead body with her husbands prostethics. From the crowd watching this preformance a Gonk droid starts feeding electricity in Vader's cybernetic arms and upon overloading them Padmé Amidala miraculously comes back to life and starts licking Chewbacca's hairy asshole in gradditude. Meanwhile an inebriated Krelman stumbles upon the stage looking for a drink but finding a lot more. A naked Bib Fortuna and Orn Free Taa also jump up stage and rip off the top part of Krelman's head, they force him to his knees and Bib Fortuna starts urinating in Krelmans head. Upon finishing Bib Fortuna gets shoved away by the corpulous Orn Free Taa who then starts defecating in Krelmans head. Han Solo is on the far left side of the stage doing unspeakable things with the Tauntaun he killed back on Hoth. From the amazed audience an obese and hideously smelling Scottish Kid, I think his name is Andrew steals the Tauntaun away from Han and brings it over to Krelman. Andrew removes the stomach from the Tauntaun and fills it with the shit and piss that was so generously donated by the Twi'lek version of Laurel and Hardy. Upon filling the Tauntaun stomach with the Twi'lek mix he sews it shut and starts feasting away by gluttonously eating the shit and piss tauntaun haggis and from the V.I.P. booth in the cantina Palpatine is overheard that even he finds this to be unnatural. From behind the bar we see Wuher bending over while Ponda Baba is stumpfucking him while licking Cornelius Evazan's armpits. While still licking Chewbacca's ass, Padmé Amidala is surprised to see a little green foot sticking out of it, she pulls it out and finds her holding a shit covered Yoda who sreams out Good relations with the Wookiees I have in his exitement. The whole thing is broadcasted over the Holonet and all the 582,797,754 Jax Pavan's who have assembeled on Toprawa and Ralltiir are watching and masturbating to the whole event. As by magic all 582,797,754 Jax Pavans ejaculate at the same time and they spray their sperm all over Toprawa and Ralltiir.......THEY COVER ALL OF TOPRAWA AND RALLTIIR WITH THEIR CUM and the Cubs win the world series.

The reaction

George Lucas: That is .....interresting Dave, but what do you call it?
Dave Filoni: The Aristocrats Strike Back!

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