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“A brillant, vulgar, absolute, gracious, unwitty, sexy, spankable man!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Mad Maddox Madigan
“Would You be the savior of the broken, the beaten and damned?”
~ Mad Maddox Madigan on the Great Time Travel War of 1871

Merry Unbirthday, B*tch!

edit Profile

  • Real Name: Maddox Madigan
  • Aliases: Mad Hatter Madigan, Mighty Mad Man Maddox "Mayhem" Madigan
  • Age: Old
  • Sex: yes, please
  • Parents: Urnut Madigan (father), and Ima Crazithin (Mother)
  • Abilities: Teh Sexy, writing with Crayons, and nonsense
  • Title: Mad Hatter first class
  • Help/Writer of the following articles: Ronald Reagan, Great Time Travel War of 1871, Joan of Arc, and Alice in Wonderland... but wait there's more...
  • How to apporoach me: Like a civil man, we will engage in talk. I swore to obey the laws of the Uncyclopedia, and defend such a respectable outstanding encyclopedia like this. I am a relaxed layback cool guy, and avoid all conflicts, but I can kick your ass if needed.
  • Can I kick your Ass?: Yes, very much likely, I am Marine in Real Life... Will I? Not likely I'm lazy.

edit Comments, Crimes, Confusions, and Confessions?

Post your issues here...

Maddox is a MAN!? i woulda never guessed >.>

"So ~that's~ where MCR got that song lyric. They have good taste. ;)" - Alice Madigan

edit Referances

| Mad Hatter Madigan's Evil Vulcano Lair- Myspace Link Go to UN:AAN for adoption

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