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Welcome to the 2nd Edition of The Article Whisperer
The results so far are below. Consult the talk page or me for any questions or concerns. See the TAW Archive for the results from past competitions.

edit Winners

edit Best Most Wanted Article

ArticleWhisperAward Grand Champion: Twilight (book) by Lyrithya

runner up: Meat by Phrank Psinatra

edit Best Requested Article

ArticleWhisperAward Grand Champion: Antifreeze by Thekillerfroggy

runner up: The Exorcist by Black flamingo11

edit Best "Vital" Article

ArticleWhisperAward Grand Champion: Plant by Lyrithya

runner up: Esperanto by Thekillerfroggy and Somalia by Nikau (tied)

edit Competition Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who took part in this year's TAW. I guess we can officially call it an annual competition now. :) Since the competition had been postponed once or twice during the year, I'm glad that so many editors turned out to participate. A special thanks to returning champions Phrank Psinatra and Lyrithya (who won two of the three awards!) and Oliphaunte who volunteered as a substitute judge.

Quite a few requests were filled for TAW 2011. One of the winning articles, Twilight (novel), has already been featured and three others have been nominated on VFH - Somalia,Esperanto, and Plant. This year's TAW included a series of "challenge" awards which saw Aleister & co. contribute A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar, EpicAwesomeness resurrecting Bart Simpson is sleeping with your wife from VFD, and both Shabidoo and Oliphaunte completing two of the oldest articles requested on UN:REQ (i.e. Making up Dan Quayle quotes and English Uncyclopedia). The next competition will probably take place in September 2012, following the next PLS. Thanks again for everyone who joined and I hope everyone had fun. MadMax 20:54, January 17, 2012 (UTC)

edit Scoring Details

The scoring system was based on a points system. Judges were asked to submit their top 5, points being awarded as: 5 points for #1, 4 points for #2, 3 points for #3, and so on. Total scores are below. Entries not below received no points, though they were judged. Consult any of the judges for questions.

edit Best Most Wanted Article

  1. Twilight (book) - 15
  2. Meat - 11
  3. Today - 9
  4. Pi - 7
  5. This Page Does Not Exist - 1
  6. User:RAHB/Arizona - 1

edit Best Requested Article

  1. Antifreeze - 13
  2. The Exorcist - 12
  3. Six Degrees of Oscar Wilde - 8
  4. White Men Can't Jump - 7
  5. HowTo:Express Yourself In Song - 4
  6. Bazooka - 1

edit Best "Vital" Article

  1. Plant - 14
  2. Esperanto - 11
  3. Somalia - 11
  4. Gautama Buddha - 6
  5. User:Sockpuppet of an unregistered user/Archaea - 2

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