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This is an essay. It is not an ignorable policy on Uncyclopedia, so you should ignore it even more and disregard the mad ramblings of its writer. Or you could submit it as an Uncycloversity assignment in lieu of actually doing any work.

The Best of the Worst Tournament (a working title obviously) is a proposed writing competition held by Uncyclopedia. The event's purpose would be to introduce a new format, a single-elimination tournament, among Uncyclopedia's established contests. The first of these events would take place over a three-week period, depending on the size of the tournament, sometime during the next year or so.

Ideas for such events could include:

  • A "standard" 8-person or 16-person open invitational tournament. Ideally, this could be open to writers from any humor website or foreign-lanuage Uncyclopedias.
  • A 12-person tournament for NOTM or WOTM winners. This would be held annually after the last NOTM/WOTM was chosen for the year.
  • A 6-person tournament for former WOTY winners. The second final round would have three participants instead of the normal two or postpone until 2012.
  • An 8-team tournament featuring collaborative writing groups (e.g. UN:IC, Upsilon Sigma Sigma, etc.) represented by a limited number of its members. Any random group of editors could also participate as a team.
  • A tournament to create Oscar Wilde-related only articles (e.g. "The Oscar Wilde Society proudly presents...") or based on another Uncyclopedia theme. Could also be used to create missing entries for incomplete article series such as Disney or Bloodbath.
  • A two-block tournament of editors from Europe and North America. The winners of each face each other in a final match. If played in teams, it could be styled along the lines of an "Uncyclopedia World Series" or World Cup.
  • An "Uncyclopedia Legends Reunion", intended to attract retired or otherwise inactive editors to return for a "one night only" appearance, pitting legendary editors (either collaboratively or alone) against current users.
  • An annual writing event, patterned similarly to The Rumble in the Jungle or WrestleMania, which could run from a single day to a week. Editors, either single or in teams, would compete against each other in a series of special challenges. These could be announced weeks beforehand by the organizers or, perhaps by a forum vote, at the start of the event. Suggestions for prior writing contests (e.g. Lollipop's "Survivor"-style competition) could be incorporated into this event. See here for further examples.

edit Who can enter and what are the rules?

In theory, a tournament would operate much like any other contest on Uncyclopedia. All registered editors, with exception to judges, would be eligible to enter open invitational and non-specific tournaments. Others, however, may be restricted to particular editors. A tournament for NOTM or WOTM would logically allow only those who had won the award during that year.

The rules are the same for both types of tournaments. Submitted articles can be of any topic or namespace. Editors would have one week to submit an article, either in mainspace or their userpage, to a panel of judges or a special VFD page (similar to Dr. Skullthumper's Hourly Writing Contest) where regular editors choose the winning article.

Note: There would be three judges per block. In an 8-person tournament, this would mean each group of judges review a total of six articles (three matches). Judges would have approximately 24-hours to judge each week's entries (if it becomes too much a workload maybe judging could take place in a special VFD?). The final match could be judged by all six judges (a combination of both?), a new set of judges or allow regular editors for vote (see above).

edit When is the Best of the Worst Tournament going to be held?

Since this is just a working idea at the moment, there are no plan to start a tournament any time soon. Hopefully such a tournament could be run sometime this year. It could be possible to hold an experimental 4-person tournament in the next month or so to see how it works (providing there are no other events scheduled).

  • First week of competition, opening rounds; entries will be locked and judged at the end of the week.
  • Second week of competition, semi-finals; entries will be locked and judged at the end of the week.
  • Third week of competition, final match; winners will be announced and articles will be moved into the mainspace.
  • The morning after ? the end. Or is it?

(n.b.: all times are to be measured by UTC, and all phases of the contest end at midnight on the specified day; entries may be accepted late under certain conditions.)

edit Experimenal tournament

# Results Stipulations Times
1 Zombiebaron (Canadian bacon) defeated Dexter111344 (Celebrity Impersonation Syndrome) First Round Tournament match May 8-14
2 Shabidoo (Mahjong) defeated Electrified mocha chinchilla (?) May 8-14
3 Zombiebaron (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) defeated Shabidoo (Uncyclopedia made my life more different) Final Tournament Match May 22-June 4

The first experimental tournament took place between May 8 and June 4, 2011. The tournament brackets were:

  Semifinals Final
 Icons-flag-ca Zombiebaron W  
 22px-Flag of United States Dexter111344    
       Icons-flag-ca Zombiebaron W
     Sun8 Shabidoo  
 Sun8 Shabidoo W
 22px-Flag of United States Electrified mocha chinchilla    
Popcorn, Hot Dog, and Beer concessions
Witty[citation needed] commentary

edit Tournament bracket examples

edit 8-man tournament

January 1, 2525 in The Middle of Nowhere (BENSON'S 3-D HOUSE OF PANCAKES)

# Results Stipulations Times
1 Sockpuppet of an unregistered user defeated Nachlader First Round Tournament match Week 1
2 RabbiTechno defeated Kip the Dip Week 1
3 Aleister in Chains defeated Dexter111344 Week 1
4 Romartus defeated The Woodburninator Week 1
5 Sockpuppet of an unregistered defeated RabbiTechno Semi-Final Tournament Match Week 2
6 Aleister in Chains defeated Romartus Week 2
10 Aleister in Chains defeated Sockpuppet of an unregistered Final Tournament match Week 3

edit Tournament bracket

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Belgian Socky 3.2  
 Icons-flag-gb Nachlader 2.9  
     Belgian Socky 3.6  
     Icons-flag-gb RabbiTechno 3.4  
 22px-Flag of United States Kip the Dip 3.3
   Icons-flag-gb RabbiTechno 3.6  
       Belgian Socky 3.6
     Icons-flag-gb Aleister 5,342,239.1
   Icons-flag-gb Aleister 98.7  
 22px-Flag of United States Dexter111344 3.2  
     Icons-flag-gb Aleister 968.6
     22px-Flag of United States Romartus 3.1  
 22px-Flag of United States Woodburninator 3.0
   22px-Flag of United States Romartus 3.2  

edit 12-man tournament

January 1, 2525 in The Middle of Nowhere (BENSON'S 3-D HOUSE OF PANCAKES)

# Results Stipulations Times
1 Tagstit defeated Guildensternenstein First Round Tournament match Week 1
2 Sonje and YouKnowWhatTheMusicMeans fought to a time-limit draw.[1] Week 1
3 Clemens177 defeated Staircase Week 1
4 PuppyOnTheRadio defeated Sequence Week 1
5 Why do I need to provide this? defeated BlueSpiritGuy Week 1
6 Puffskein defeated Aleister in Chains Week 1
7 Tagstit received a bye Semi-Final Tournament Match Week 2
8 PuppyOnTheRadio defeated Clemens177 Week 2
9 Why do I need to provide this? defeated Puffskein Week 2
10 PuppyOnTheRadio defeated Tagstit and Why do I need to provide this? Final Tournament match Week 3

1. ^  Both participants failed to submit their entries on time.

edit Tournament brackets

  First round Semifinals
 Tagstit W  
 YouKnowWhatTheMusicMeans DDQ  
  First round Semifinals
 Clemens177 W  
     Clemens177 W
 PuppyOnTheRadio W
  First round Semifinals
 Why do I need to provide this? W  
     Why do I need to provide this? W
 Puffskein W
 Aleister in Chains  

edit Finals

  Semi-Finals Finals
  1  Tagstit    
  6  BYE  
1  Tagstit  
2  Clemens177 W    
2  PuppyOnTheRadio W
5  PuppyOnTheRadio      
3  Why do I need to provide this?  
  3  Why do I need to provide this? W  
  4  Puffskein    

edit 16-man tournament

January 1, 2525 in The Middle of Nowhere (BENSON'S 3-D HOUSE OF PANCAKES)

# Results Stipulations Times
1 Savethemooses defeated Rangeley First Round Tournament match Week 1
2 Braydie and Tompkins fought to a time-limit draw.[2] Week 1
3 The Thinker defeated Cajek Week 1
4 Tom mayfair defeated One-eyed Jack Week 1
5 Cap'n Ben defeated Gwax Week 1
6 Todd Lyons defeated Bradaphraser Week 1
7 Rcmurphy defeated David Gerard Week 1
8 So So defeated Ljlego Week 1
9 Savethemooses received a bye Quarter Final Tournament Match Week 2
10 Tom mayfair defeated The Thinker Week 2
11 Todd Lyons defeated Cap'n Ben Week 2
12 So So defeated Rcmurphy Week 2
13 Tom mayfair defeated Savethemooses Semi Final Tournament match Week 3
14 So So defeated Todd Lyons Semi Final Tournament match Week 3
15 Tom mayfair defeated So So Tournament Finals match Week 4

1. ^  Both participants failed to submit their entries on time.

edit Tournament bracket

  First round Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Tompkins DDQ  
   Tom mayfair  
 The Thinker  
   Tom mayfair
   The Thinker  
 Tom mayfair
 One-eyed Jack  
   Tom mayfair
   So So     
 Cap'n Ben  
   Cap'n Ben
   Todd Lyons  
 Todd Lyons
   Todd Lyons
   So So  
 David Gerard  
   So So  
 So So

edit 8-team tournament (collaborative)

edit Teams

edit Tournament bracket

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   069f11-1 Der Unwehr  
 Upsilonsigmasigmacrest Upsilon Sigma Sigma  
     069f11-1 Der Unwehr  
     Illogicopedia Team Illogicopedia  
 Marree man greyscale outline The Merree Men
   Illogicopedia Team Illogicopedia  
       069f11-1 Der Unwehr
     Colonyflag Imperial Colonisation
   Colonyflag Imperial Colonisation  
 Noobaward The NOOB Squad  
     Colonyflag Imperial Colonisation
     Sergeant The Grue Army  
 Unsoc Uncyclopedia Worker's Party
   Sergeant The Grue Army  

edit Non-tournament event

January 1, 2525 in The Middle of Nowhere (BENSON'S 3-D HOUSE OF PANCAKES)

# Results Stipulations Times
1 Aleister in Chains defeated DJ Mixerr Single match n/a
2 Why do I need to provide this? and YouKnowWhatTheMusicMeans defeated Optimuschris and An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays Team match n/a
3 Dr. Skullthumper won a 1-hour writing contest defeating 25 other editors. 1-hour writing contest n/a
4 Guildensternenstein defeated Black flamingo11 Singles match for best Cinema-related article n/a
5 The Woodburninator defeated PuppyOnTheRadio Singles match for best Alt. Namespace article (HowTo, Why?, etc.) n/a
6 Imperial Cononization (Rangley, Mhaille, SysRq and Thekillerfroggy) defeated Upsilon Sigma Sigma (Skinfan13, Paizuri, Matfen and HELPME) Collaborative team match for best rewrite or new article n/a
7 Zana Dark, Prettiestpretty and Lyrithya (with Keitei) defeated Romartus, Magic man and Dexter111344 (with BENSON) Male vs. "Female"[citation needed] 6-person team match n/a
8 ChiefjusticeDS defeated RabbiTechno and Sycamore 3-way singles match n/a
9 Thatdamnedfollowspot defeated Tragicbooty, English peasant, MsuCarencro, John Lydon, NonchalantCaterpillar, Lordarcadian, Tonillero Mimo&maxus, Putthatknifedown and Cat the Colourful NOTM Survivor match n/a
10 Under user defeated Sockpuppet of an unregistered user UOTY vs. UOTY "grudge" match n/a
11 RadicalX versus ??? Open challenge to face the original POTY. Played similar to War, participants will have one chance to submit an original photo against RadicalX. Contest will go on until RadicalX submits or there are no more challengers... n/a
12 ??? versus ??? Opponents are chosen by a Forum vote. n/a
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