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I tend to write stuff for Uncyclopedia when I've got far too much time on my hands and am craving for something to think about and entertain myself with.

Maybe I should quit my job. Or maybe not.....

Some of the articles I've edited include (in order of how funny/imaginative I think they are):

John Cage - I started off the section about 4'33" driving him round the bend, the section on Copyright Problems, and the section on his new work called 13 billion years.

4'33" - I wrote the section lower down the page about the Performance difficulties of the work down to the Barbican retrospective.

London - I created most parts of the sections about Londoners' God Complex, Big Londoners and London Underground.

Japan - the Oddities section.

Music - the Problems section.

Germaine Greer - the part about her going on a world tour, singing about her vagina while slapping her naked body.

Roald Dahl - the Death section where his body is cloned to be used as a new curry called a "Roald DAAL".

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