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Welcome to my page, Uncyclopedians!


This is me in my natural habitat, my happy place.

Octopus face

This, however, is me on my vacation to the Animeland Seaworld. Then again, who cares?

edit Greetings

Ello, mates. I'm The Martyr, known mainly as Mack or Mack-the-Random. In the Pokémon Internet Community, I'm known as Umber, Umber Birch, or Aether Outlaw. I enjoy watching Pokémon, Futurama,

Family Guy, Drawn Together,

The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report.

edit Do You Have A Secret Page?

Yes, I do. I move it each time someone finds it. Want to see it? Many have tried, all have failed. But still, good luck finding it!

edit Awards

edit WTF?

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edit My Opposite

That Is Rytam.

My opposite, Eht Rytam, also on vacation to the Animeland Seaworld on the same attraction as myself.

There is something strange about yours truly. I have an opposite. That is, however, not the strange thing. My oppposite is nearly just like me, save for the red eyes, silver hair, and frizeaky powers. Why not go visit that ole' buddy of mine?

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