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WTF? is a webseries started by a trio of students only being refered to as Mack, Mary, and Kiba that is scheduled to appear on YouTube shortly. They, along with a fourth and fifth partner, Josh and Jake respectively, perform the voices for the characters, with their classmates occaisionally 'guest-starring.' The show is set in Wuhtehfuh Town, whose name is a play on the show's title.

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edit List of WTF? webisodes

1. Taps - Soldiers standing in a field suddenly explode one by one as Taps begins playing over loudspeakers.

2. Taps the Musical - Soldiers dancing on stage fall through trapdoors into a pool of electric eels as Taps plays over loudspeakers.

3. Perfectly Normal - Serge, whistling, walks down the sidewalk when a demon pulls him down to the abyss.

4. Final Destination Moo - US and Foreign planes fight when the US crashes, causing the Foreign plane to shred a cow, leaving its calf that goes undercover to kill the foreign cow shredder.

5. The Emo in the Moon - What if The Man in the Moon was emo...?

6. Hulk Smash! - Hulk is crushed by a building, but his powerful, crushing fingers live on!

7. The Sniper - Serge (from previous webisodes) is killed by a sniper and thrown off a cliff.

8. Burning Dudes - A man accidentally sets Serge on fire, along with a bunch of other random guys....yep.

9. Ms. T Hits the Big Bang - Ms. T, a mean teacher, blows up when Serge whistles Taps.

10. I Rove Engrish - Serge meets the Sherr family.

11. Eww, my Head 'Sploded! - A bunch of guys' heads explode, except for one unlucky guy... His leg 'splodes.

12. The 12th Episode of Christmas - Christmas. Presents, cheer, snow, and........BLOOD & GUTS!

13. The Headless Sergeman - There's a Halloween party, and you're invited (to watch)! But Serge's head is cut off. Don't worry, though, he comes a Headless Horseman! Chaos and insanity ensue!

14. Decontamination - Sneezing...showering...deathly air-blowing...igniting farts...yep....

15. Micro-'Fro - Serge and Fred discuss Fred's "micro-'fro."

16. But It's a Breakfast Cereal! - Shred mixes sodas together and makes a drink that smells and tastes like Fruity Pebbles.

17. Firecracker Cereal - Spartan's helmet malfunctions, and Wuhtehfuh Town's death toll rises.

18. Survivor - A man survives a brutal attack by the foreign cow shredder (that comes back from Final Destination Moo). Then...he falls into the ocean and survives a shark attack. Then...he survives again...kinda...

19. Surfing is Dangerous - A weird surfer guy with a dumb accent gets attacked, hurt, and....stuff while surfing.

20. Rocket Dogs - Shred meets some dogs with diarrhea who come over for a playdate.

21. Meet the Mygraves - Fred, Teim, Spartan, and some of Serge's friends meet Señor Atluna y Señora Adá Mygrave.

22. Free Ricky - A fat guy splashes into the water, flying over a group of kids. See if we get sued!

23. Not-So Free Ricky - Ha, beached fat guy. (AKA Free Ricky, Pt. 2.)

24. Taips From Serge - Serge tells why you shouldn't pee on a fire at an oil rig,

25. Captain, Nobody Cares - Captain Planet returns because of the internet's demand for 'CP,' but, as Serge points out, nobody cares.

26. Zombie Cheerleaders - Zombies can't do gymnastics.........they fall apart too easily.

27. His Girl - Teim gets a girlfriend.

28. Su Chicha - So does Serge.

29. Happy Reunion - Serge bumps into his oldest and best friend, Kenny McCormick.

30. A Perfect Example - ...Of life in Wuhtehfuh.

31. Broken Halo - The gang takes a trip to Spartan's homeland.

32. PerFredly Normal - Fred and Fluffy revisit one of Serge's memories.

33. What the Warcraft? - The guys (and 2 gals) play World of Warcraft.

34. Weather or Not - Wuhtehfuh gets some straaange weather...

35. The Legend is Screwed Up: A Link to Insanity - The land of Hyrule will never be the same.

36. WordPad - Some really annoying people come to Wuhtehfuh.

37. Night of the Purple Retards - Wuhtehfuh is invaded by some fairly strange zombies. And, as if that weren't enough, aliens do, too!

38. Spartan's Depression - Leo goes through a rough spot...

39. Wakka Wakka Wakka - Pac-Man invites the gang to the maze world he lives in.

40. What the Final? - IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Or not...)

edit List of Episodes in Which Serge Dies

1. Taps - After falling because of a man's nose hitting him in the eye, he explodes.

2. Taps the Musical - Barely escaping his fall into the pool of eels, he is run over by the President's limo.

3. Perfectly Normal - He is pulled into Hell by Fluffy.

4. The Emo in the Moon - After floating through space for a long time and asking Teim for help, he is hit by an asteroid.

5. The Sniper - He is shot and thrown off a cliff.

6. Burning Dudes - He is caught on fire.

7. Eww, my Head 'Sploded! - His head explodes right before a man resembling a popular TV character's leg explodes.

8. The 12th Episode of Christmas - After many attempts by Shred to kill him (claiming that he has to die in every episode that Shred is also in), the Wuhtehfuh Town Star falls from the tree and crushes him.

9. The Headless Sergeman - After playing an elaborate prank involving a fake head on his shoulders being cut off, the real Headless Horseman cuts his head off.

10. Decontamination - He melts whilst taking a shower.

11. Firecracker Cereal - Spartan kills him, believing him to be a Gravemind.

12. Taips From Serge - He dies in clips shown in the episode. Of these ways, he catches on fire while peeing on a flame at an oil rig, is blown in two by a 'Taco Bell Fart', and shredded in a woodchipper.

edit Death Toll

1. Taps - Everybody (explode).

2. Taps the Musical - Soldiers, including Serge (most fall through trapdoors into a pool of eels, while Serge is run over by Dubya's limo).

3. Perfectly Normal - Serge and the little Drummer Boys (dragged into the abyss by Fluffy).

4. Final Destination Moo - Everyone (various).

5. The Emo in the Moon - Serge (crushed by an asteroid).

6. Hulk Smash! - Hulk (crushed by a building).

7. The Sniper - Serge (killed and thrown off a cliff).

8. Burning Dudes -Serge, Nicky Otine, Chain-Smoker, and Fred, (Serge, Fred, and Nicky catch on fire, while Chain-Smoker spontaneously combusts).

9. Ms. T Hits the Big Bang - Ms. T (head explodes).

10. I Rove Engrish - Reroy (run over by lawnmower).

11. Eww, my Head 'Sploded! - 4 people (heads explode).

12. The 12th Episode of Christmas - Everyone but Fred, Spartan, Teim, and Shred (most killed by grandpa, Serge was crushed by the Wuhtehfuh Star).

13. The Headless Sergeman - Seemingly everyone, but merely Serge (decapitated).

14. Decontamination - Everyone (various).

15. Micro-'Fro - No one.

16. But It's a Breakfast Cereal! - Fred (suicide).

17. Firecracker Cereal - Everyone but Spartan (exploded).

18. Survivor - Survivor Man (torn to shreds).

19. Surfing is Dangerous - A weird surfer guy with a dumb accent (eaten).

20. Rocket Dogs - A dog with ringworms and diarrhea (Rancor-esque ringworm flies from butt whilst flying).

21. Meet the Mygraves - Serge's self-confidence (parents...uggh).

22. Free Ricky - One unlucky kid (squished).

23. Not-So Free Ricky - A beachgoer (squished).

24. Taips From Serge - Serge (in clips).

25. Captain, Nobody Cares - Captain Planet (suicide).

26. Zombie Cheerleaders - Zombies (technically already dead).

27. His Girl - No one.

28. Su Chicha - Serge and Addie (smashed by bus while kissing in the street; right at the end)

29. Happy Reunion - (None, however Kenny seems to throughout; 3rd episode so far lacking death)

edit List of WTF? characters

edit Serge

A recurring and main character, Serge is usually a placeholder and is often killed off. Voiced by Mack.

edit Shred

Serge's hyperactive dog, Shred speaks in the style of a South Park character. Voiced by Mary.

edit Fred

Also a recurring and main character, Fred stares at the screen with Shred when Serge dies. Voiced by Kiba.

edit Raech

Teim's emo girlfriend. Her VA is undecided.

edit The Emo in the Moon

One of the only emos in the webshow, The Emo in the Moon often takes an observational role. Serge nicknamed him Teim. Voiced by Mack.

edit Fluffy the Beelzebub

An occaisionally appearing character, Fluffy is a satire of generic demons. Voiced by Josh.

edit The Copyrighted Clan

The Hulk (Voiced by Mack), Spider-Man (Voiced by Mack), & any other character owned by someone other than the WTF? webseries.

edit Reroy, Rauren, & Rarry Sherr

The Engrish family (or "happy famiry funprace" as they say) from a place called Engrand. Rauren and Rarry speak only Engrish, an old language comprehendable by the English speakers Reroy and Serge. Reroy and Rarry are voiced by Mack, while Rauren is voiced by Mary.

edit Ebenezer Grinch Scrooge

A parody of Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch. The people (mostly the kids) in town call him Rotten E.G.S., playing on his initials. He is voiced by different people at different times, to make him seem insane.

edit Critter

A drunken squirrel, Critter is nicknamed "Beer Goggles." Voiced by Kiba.

edit The Spartan With Two Spoons

A man wearing Spartan armor (Halo Spartan, not 300 Spartan) who has cereal-esque weapons. He loves cereal. Voiced by Jake.

edit Mini-Moo the Spy Calf

The calf who's mom gets shredded in webisode 4 ("Final Destination Moo"). He returns in Survivor. Voiced by Mary.

edit Stupid Surfer Guy

As seen in webisode #19. He has a dumb accent. Voiced by Jake.

edit Señor Atluna y Señora Adá Mygrave

Serge's Latina, Spanish-speaking parents. They refer to Serge as Sarga and speak with Spanish accents. Atluna is voiced by Mack, while Adá's VA is yet to be decided.

edit The Melanotians

Fal, Baas, and Barit are aliens from a planet called Melanota. They are based on styles of voices abd music (Fal is falsetto and humming, Baas is level voice and singing/scatting, and Barit is baritone and opera). The trio is voiced by Mack.

edit Kenny

Serge's oldest and best friend whom we "borrowed" from a show and aged 11 years. His parka remains unzipped and his hood is almost always unused. Voiced by Mack.

edit Addie

Serge's ever-so-slightly emo girlfriend. Her VA is undecided.

edit Inspiration/Notes/Trivia

edit Episodes

  • Final Destination Moo's name was based on Final Destination 2. The plots are similar in that death ensues thanks to planes, many people die, and that someone is crushed by a sign.
  • Hulk Smash!'s name comes from the titular character's catchphrase.
  • Ms. T Hits the Big Bang's name plays on any movies or books titled '______ Hits the Big Time' and the Big Bang. Ms. T is based on Mack, Mary, and Josh's teacher whom they dislike, and they based the plot on a recurring fantasy of theirs.
  • I Rove Engrish's title is 'Engrish' for 'I Love English.'
  • The 12th Episode of Christmas's title plays on the name of the song The 12 Days of Christmas. It is a parody of A Christmas Carol (in that Serge and Shred, acting as Dickens, narrate the story and that there are characters named Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, Jacob Marley, and Mr. Scrooge), Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (the concept of someone being run over by Santa (albeit replacing Grandma with Scrooge) and a grandmother who loves to make surprisingly edible fruitcake), and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (a town with a huge Christmas Tree in the middle and a person who hates Christmas).
  • The Headless Sergeman is a parody of the novel The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, as well as every movie based on it.

edit Characters

  • Serge's name is a corruption of SRG, which in turn stands for Some Random Guy. The combination of his middle and last name, Phillup Mygrave, is a play on 'Fill up my grave.' His abuelito's last name, Mitumba, plays on 'Mi tumba,' or 'My grave.' He was created by Mack.
  • Shred's name is a corruption of SRD, which in turn stands for Some Random Dog. He was created by Mack, but his first art was drawn up by Mary.
  • Fred's name is a corruption of FRD, which in turn stands for F***ing Random Dude. He was created by Mack and Mary.
  • Raech's name is a corruption of REC, which in turn stands for Random Emo Chick. She was created by Mack.
  • The Emo in the Moon is often called Teim (pronounced as 'Tame,' not 'Time'), which stands for The Emo in the Moon (however adding an abreviation of 'in'). He was created by Mack.
  • Fluffy the Beelzebub was named so to add a comedic effect, as well as a lighter touch to his character. Beelzebub was chosen over demon by Mack because "it sounds fancier." He was created by Mack.
  • Reroy, Rauren, & Rarry Sherr's names 'translate' into Leroy, Lauren, and Larry Shell. They were created by Mack.
  • Critter's nickname, Beer Goggles, uses both meanings of the phrase. The former because of his alchoholism and his, quote, "let's-do-it-ness," the latter for the literal Beer Goggles he wears, either on his shoulder or around his neck. He was created by Mary.
  • The Spartan With Two Spoons was created by Jake.
  • Mini-Moo the Spy Calf was created by Mary. He was named for the brand of milk sold at the show creators and voice actors' school.
  • Addie's name is a corruption of ADIE, which in turn stands for Another Dudette Is Emo. She was created by Mack.

edit Production Notes

  • The style of the show is an amalgam of 'Family Guy Style' and anime style, drawing more from anime, but showing a few traits of FGS. The characters are often drawn as chibis, to create a 'tiny and meek' feel to the characters in odd situations.

edit Release Date

There have been many delays in the release, due to rarity of needed equipment and whatnot. Mack has confirmed that the episode Taps will premier on June 24, but

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