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 Dudette Score: None, and you won't get any Moves: Near death

> "I'm a dudette."

"I see. Well, <insert name here>, why are you here?"

> "I got lost on the way to the loveless cen-wait, how did you know my name?"

"I know a lot of things. Now, what was it you were going to say?"

> "I got lost on the way to the loveless center."

"Quite.... So you are here for love? Well then..." He points to a creature, then points to you. It jumps onto your cleavage, then sinks in. You don't feel anything go into your body, so it only went into your shirt. A creature mumbles something to him. The only words loud enough to hear are 'Eht Rytam.' He nods to the creature, and it does the same as the previous one did. However, this time it does sink into your body. Two more jump onto your legs. One sinks into your pants, the other goes into your body. "I'm not sure if you are here for mine or not. Come sit," he says warmly, patting the ground beside him.

> Examine Self

You are moving towards him again. You don't feel as if he's making you this time.

> Look Around

The room has gotten a bit brighter. Your eyes have not adjusted, it justs seems that the room is far more visible. The dark creatures beside him back away slightly, making room for you. Their dirty looks change to warm looks.

> Sit Down

You sit down. You feel two beings enter your body and then exit once more, so you must have sat on one of the creatures.

> *le blush*

He puts his arm on your shoulder. "I am Eht Rytam," he says warmly. You can make out a bed, a small pool, and a...a...a Grue!? He stares it down, then snaps his fingers. One of the creatures moves from his side to the Grue. It becomes an Anti-Grue and devours the Grue. It then promtly eats itself, leaving another dark creature in its place.

> What the?

You suddenly feel strange. You can feel the bra you are wearing disappear. Your long jeans become short shorts, and then turn into a mini-skirt. the sleeves on your long-sleeved shirt shrink into nothingness, making your arms bare. The hem of your shirt creeps up the shirt, stopping just below your knockers, which are suddenly at sublime size.

> Listen

"Whose love did you come for?" he asks.

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