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GUN   SIR  MAC  BOSWELL  Knightssword   [†]   is an unpopular, unamusing gobshite from Manchester, UK. He believes his opinions have the very highest value, uninformed or otherwise, and that all other humans are largely inferior to him in every way; especially ugly celebrity druid Stephen Fry.

Beckon me forth

Born from the sludge contained within the treble-anus shared by Chris Morris, Vic Reeves and Bernard Manning, Mac Boswell is the culmination of Brass Eye and Big Night Out with elements of Marcel Duchamp’s piss taking and Bernard Manning’s amusing knack of upsetting the ethnic majorities. He finds a mixture of satirical and absurdist humour deeply amusing and after stumbling across the Adobe Potatochop many moons ago, he realised that there are others with the same life-debilitating condition that he has, and that he should not suffer alone in silence.

All mouth, no trousers

  • Can't use Photoshop.
  • Can’t spell.
  • Isn’t funny.
  • Dangerous.
  • Doesn't drive, but is sick of arrogant fucking cyclists.
  • Is thinking of setting up a Pro-Pedestrian & Drivers Committee
  • Wears Nigel Farage's used underwear.
  • Has a 100% VFH record, surprisingly.

That which has been made

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Cogitation commencing...

Combining superpowers


Optical masturbation

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